Thursday, November 13, 2014

My amazing man

As most of you know, Nathaniel has been on paternity leave for the past three months.

It. has. been. AWESOME!

To tell you the truth, I had quite a few reservations about having my husband home for an extended period of time. I know that sounds bizarre, but I was pregnant, hormonal and emotionally volatile at the time. I was nervous about relinquishing my sphere of influence and nervous about allowing Nathaniel to take ownership of our older girls; not to mention general management of our home.  I was also worried about how having another child was going to effect our marriage and our family dynamic. When I tearfully and rather dramatically expressed my fears on a trip to the mainland earlier this summer, he eased my fears by suggesting that we check in one another at the end of each week to discuss what was working and what wasn't. It was a wise and comforting suggestion that has worked well for us. We still have moments when we need a little space from each other, but for the most part it is working out splendidly. When both of the girls are whining and Levi is yelling at the top of his lungs Nathaniel and I find ourselves trying to make the best of it. The other day we took bets on how many more meltdowns would happen before bedtime.

In September he took our girls to Port Hardy for five days and then took them to the mainland via public transport for nearly a week.  When he wasn't gallivanting around the province with the girls he was canning, harvesting honey, picking fruit and teaching Claire how to ride her bike without training wheels. He cooks most of our meals, does ninety five percent of the the school drop off and pick ups and takes care of the laundry. Yesterday,  I was thoroughly impressed when he de-junked and organized the girls craft cupboard and then re-hung a mountain of clothing that had been dropped on the floor of their bedroom. Who needs romance when you have that kind of awesome stuff going on? Oh and then last night he made the most delicious  hearty stew with leftover ham, stewed tomatoes and sprouted beans. So wholesome and satisfying. I don't normally gush about my husband, especially on Facebook, but I am so impressed and thankful for his help. He truly is an amazing father and husband.

 I am often sheepish about telling people that my husband has taken paternity leave if the topic happens to surface. Usually, it is because I feel bad that it is not an option for most people and I dread the possibility that they may think I am "high maintenance". I must admit,  I was a little nervous to have all three kiddos on my own for eleven days when Nathaniel had to be away for  a course, but everything went really well. I really enjoyed having them all to myself.

 Ultimately, Nathaniel's paternity leave has been a gift for our family.  Not only has it allowed Nathaniel to tackle projects that have been on the back burner for ages, but it has also given us time to grow closer, have adventures and rest. We also get to do things like eat meals together as a family every night of the week,  something that has been impossible for the past eleven years. The other day we were sitting around our thanksgiving feast, sharing the things that we were grateful for and I realized that the last time Nathaniel and I had a chunk of time like this together was when we traveled around the world, which coincidentally, was also for nine months. Here we are, nearly six years later, with another chunk of time, but this time around we get to play "house" with our three kiddos.

Nathaniel recently started helping out with children's church and we have enjoyed hearing him play the guitar when he practices.

Hiking in the great outdoors

My handsome bee keeper with a frame full of honey comb

Covering the sandbox and building proper stairs

Spinning out the honey

 His hives did really well!

Looking for frogs with the girls

Off to court

He picked nearly 90lbs of blackberries with his grandma this summer.

Collecting ferns for our backyard

Early morning snuggles

He has perfected salmon Eggs Benedict. So freakin GOOD!

At the pumpkin patch 

He is good at taking naps with Claire. She fell asleep sitting up while watching her favorite show "The land before time"

Finally building the pergola! Whoot Whoot!


It has certainly gotten cold in a hurry. I couldn't believe how white everything was on Monday morning when we bid our friends Jae and Cristina farewell. It looks like winter has arrived! I am not quite ready to bust out the Christmas decorations yet as I would still like to take more pictures of leaves, brew some apple cider and bake a few more pumpkin flavored deserts. Our family enjoyed some tea and the most delicious pumpkin scones at a friends house the other day and ever since then I have been longing try and make some myself. 

The other day Nathaniel took the girls to our local fish hatchery and  on the way home picked up a huge bouquet of dahlias. Oh how I love their vibrant, colorful blooms. Eleven years ago when we got married, I had hoped to have bouquets of dahlias but couldn't find enough. They are my favorite flower and bring me such joy. 

I had planned on going for a run this morning, but by the time I dropped the girls off for school Levi was ready for a nap and I needed to eat some breakfast. Perhaps we will go this afternoon once the world thaws out a little. I love quiet mornings at home. Nathaniel is out hunting and Levi is fast asleep so I truly have the house to myself. It's good morning for  big woolly socks, good toast and a mug of peppermint tea with vanilla almond milk. 

I recently wrote this quote on our chalk board.

I would like to dip some leaves in wax with my girls.

It seems like every pocket of their jackets are filled with these. 

We made from "leaf art" over thanksgiving and I was thoroughly impressed with their creativity. 

Enjoy what remains of fall!

Sunday, November 2, 2014


"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart"
                                                                                                       - William Wodsworth

These days......

Reading... Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth, M.D. 
Playing... with a great photo book program called blurb books
Watching.. Scandal, Grey's Anatomy and Below Deck
Trying... to get Levi to bed at a reasonable hour
Cooking... not so much these days
Eating... green smoothies filled with spinach, pineapple and lemon juice.
Drinking... Bengal spice tea with chocolate almond milk
Calling... Nicole Klan :0)
Texting... my hubby who was away on a course in Tofino
Pinning.. quotes that inspire me
Crafting...  went to a card making night at a friend's house and made 25 cards! 
Scrapping... prepping for my annual December Daily Book
Doing...  de-junking, scrubbing, baking, smooching, nursing
Going... to take a road trip to Victoria soon
Loving... the photos I just received from my maternity session and Levi's birth
Hating... trying to cut dairy out of Claire's diet
Discovering... how capable I am
Realizing.. that hibernating is good for the soul.
Enjoying... rainy days at home, listening to good music
Thinking... about parenting, relationships and my faith 
Feeling... overwhelmed by all the things on my "to do list".
Hoping... that my woven girasol wrap arrives by Christmas time
Listening... to a lot of Stephanie Gretzinger
Celebrating... the fact that my hubby is home after being away for nine days
Smelling... the amazing sweet and sour meatballs my hubby made for dinner
Thanking... Levi for going to sleep at 8:15 tonight :0)
Considering... going for a run tomorrow
Finishing... hanging all of Amelia's artwork on her wall
Starting... to dream again 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Maternity Photo shoot!

It's no secret that I LOVE baby bumps. There is something about the fullness of a pregnant woman  that is beautiful and fascinating. While it is challenging to grow a human from scratch, I think that it a journey that should be celebrated and documented. 

Here are just a few photos from a session I had with Nancy Tait from Joyful Images. I am SO pleased how they turned out. 

In the past I have always been pregnant in the dead of winter, so it was nice to celebrate my belly in the sun!

While Nancy was photographing Nathaniel and the girls I snapped this photo of some of the apples Amelia collected. 

 While some people avoid the camera when they are pregnant, it is one of the few times when I feel confident in my skin.  

My little blond crew.

I bought this skirt ages ago from value village and it still sings to me, 

The girls didn't waste any time jumping in the ocean afterwards- fully dressed of course!

Nate and I happily watched from the beach  :0)

Levi's birth story coming soon!