Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Essay about Jill's birth

Nature nuts

There is some inexplicably restorative about being in nature. When my children start climbing the walls and driving each other crazy, I know that it is time to take them outside. Within seconds their  disposition changes. Nature transforms  a preschooler whose "legs are broken" into an explorer, a moody five year old into a curator of fungi and renders a fussy baby silent. 

Amelia took these two photos. She has been showing some interest in photography so I have been teaching her how to use my camera. It is always interesting to see things from her perspective.

I love exploring in the woods with my children and teaching them about various plants and fungi.  

My girls love scrambling around on these huge boulders. 


 My beloved phylum bryophyta (otherwise known as moss). 

First bonfire of the year

The weather has been fantastic lately! So good in fact, that we decided to have a bonfire with some friends at a beach the other night. It was crisp and clear and beautiful. We brought a guitar, a bunch of smokies, some chips and blankets stayed until after dark.





Monday, February 9, 2015


When my children plow through a stack of printer paper in a month  and  paste their artwork all over the walls and windows......   
I remind myself that I am fostering creativity.

When they insist on making their own sandwiches and destroy the kitchen in the process....
I remind myself that I am encouraging them to be independent and capable.

When they pull every carefully folded blanket out of the linen closet to build an elaborate  fort in the middle of the living room.....
 I remind myself I am fostering imaginative play.

When it feels like a nuisance to help them set up a garage sale on our sidewalk so that they can sell their can sell their old toys and make money to buy new ones....
I remind myself I am fostering an entrepreneurial spirit

When I am trying to cook or bake something and they want to be involved and it ends up in their hair and all over the floor...
I remind myself that they are learning valuable skills for the future.

When I am scrapping  glue from a glue gun off my kitchen counters.....
I remind myself that I allowing them to be fearless

Thursday, January 29, 2015

A rough week: A rant of sorts....

Levi is in the throes of his first cold and he is miserable. My ordinarily jolly baby is a continuous fountain of mucus, snot and tears. Last night, after a particularly rough spell, we fell asleep on the couch together; his sweaty little body draped over mine like a panther on a branch. Amelia and Claire have been hacking up their lungs for what feels like five weeks now. I can't even count how many times our entire household has been awake at 4am to administer medicine, and/or soothe children back to sleep after their coughs and woken them or their siblings. *Sigh*

I feel rather restless and irritable these days. My home is a perpetual mess, despite my best efforts to keep it tidy.  I see dust and crumbs EVERYWHERE, regardless of the fact that I sweep at least twice a day.  My couch is pilling and stained, the counter is covered with dishes, the beds are unmade and I have snot in my hair.   Sometimes motherhood is blissful and other times it feels like complete and utter drudgery.  This week has felt a lot like the later.  Weeks like this make me want to yell and a stuff my face with chocolate. Literally.

Right now Levi is napping, Amelia is at Kindergarten, Claire is in preschool and Nathaniel is out running errands. I am relishing the quiet and enjoying a mason jar of piping hot tea. Ordinarily, I would be making sandwiches, answering the phone, helping Amelia spell sentences, all the while bouncing a very cranky baby on my hip and an attention starved preschooler clinging to my foot. GAH! It's no wonder that at the end of the day all that I can do is flop down on the couch and watch re-runs of Downton Abby. I often stay up too late, trying to delay the inevitable; the fact that tomorrow I have to do it all over again.

 You would think that with two adults at home we would be a hive of productivity. We have good days from time to time, but this week we have been zombies just trying to keep our heads above water. Hopefully when our girls stop coughing up their lungs at night and Levi's health improves we will be to start tackling some spring cleaning, but for now, we are in survival mode. That being said, we certainly have it a lot better than people did in the Tudor times. I can't even fathom how people raised small children during those days. Now THAT was true drudgery. I am living a fairy tale in comparison.

There is something about January that is always dismal. Dark mornings, uninviting weather, cranky children and the monotony of day to day responsibilities. Christmas is a distant memory and Easter is  a long ways off.  Spring, however, is on its way. I was washing the dishes the other day and noticed that the snowdrops had begun to push through the earth. New life.


Saturday, January 24, 2015

These days....

Raising Your Spirited Child, The English-Greek Interlinear New Testament,  Faith Unraveled

To turn the blog Nathaniel and I kept when we were traveling around the world into a photo book.
To run and lift weights on a regular basis

Granola bars, Raspberry quinoa muffins, Coconut cookies

How to use my Digital SLR camera properly
Honey and lemon (to ease my sore throat)

Levi's birth story

For my woven wrap from Berlin to arrive- its finally on its way!

Some camping spots at Tofino's Bella Pacifica with some friends.
That my studio/guest room is no longer full of furniture. (Sold all of it).
The fact that Levi has decided to start waking up at 6am every morning. Gah!
Head massages in the evening after the children go to bed.
About theology, and the Greek words "ego iemi" ( I AM)

Low, tired and unmotivated.

To a lot of Amanda Cook
The delicious organic smell of propolis (something bees make that is good for you)
Another year of project life and excited about documenting another year of precious memories.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Perfectly imperfect

Sometimes my favorite photos are not the ones the look the best, but rather, the ones that evoke the most emotion.