Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today I was feeling incredibly glum and grumpy so I put on my yellow shirt (otherwise known to some as the daffodil shirt or the big bird shirt) In any case it usually makes me happy and today it did the job. I went from dragging not only my carcass and that of my 10 month old around the house to giggling and playing and creating and letting color explode everywhere.... here are a few pictures of the fallout.

Those are just a few of the little things in my home that brought me joy today.

Can't help myself.....

I thoroughly enjoy looking at pictures of serene white rooms such as these...... however my own home looks nothing remotely like those photographs. Nope. My house is a eclectic mishmash of treasures from afar, roadside finds, thrift store junk, remnants of dead things (starfish, shells, fur, butterflies and moths, coral, wood burls) and color on the loose. I love my space. It is my home and it is comfortable. I feel like my home is a reflection of me. I was reading an old Oprah magazine the other day and found this quote..... "A house is the archaeology of your life, the history of who you are". I like that!

I love old things and I LOVE color. I aspire to one day create a serene, white space.... but inevitably color creeps in and I get carried away. I will post some pictures soon of my colorful chaos. Until then.... here are a few pictures that grabbed my attention.

.... and some lovely sumptuous pillows to feast your eyes upon....