Monday, March 30, 2015

Esperanza Spring Break Family Camp

Our family spent Spring Break in Esperanza. It is a wonderful little community located on the west coast of Vancouver Island. As long as I can remember it has been my home away from home and a place that is dear to my heart. It holds so many memories from my childhood. I love seeing my children experience it the way I once did. 

Nathaniel had such a good time jamming with new and old friends.

Our boat ride to Esperanza from Tahsis.

Amelia went kayaking for the first time and loved it

Heidi's youngest daughter is such a brave little monkey! This rope swing was such a hit with all the children. 

Early riser

My favorite Maple Tree. I used to spend hours sitting in its lower branches when I was a child. 

We had some some good weather....

As well as a lot of rain.

 I was thankful I had brought Claire's muddy buddy suit.

A painting on one of the gymnasium doors.

Spot it!

Multitasking mamma


We learned how to make felted nests

This young father fell fast asleep beside his newborn daughter in the main dinning hall. 

An attempt at a family photo 

 It was our turn as a family to wash the dishes and the girls had so much fun learning how to use the mechanical dish washer and sprayer. Seeing them happily helping made me so proud.  Now three generations in my family have volunteered in Esperanza. 

And this happened.......

....w hile a pod of killer whales were passing by Esperanza. I have only seen killer whales once before in the wild so it was pretty special. 

Baby wearing at it's finest. The following pictures were taken by ether Heidi or her hubby Steinar. 

My dearest friend Heidi

Her Norwegian Husband

A fun picture from one of the many family challenges we had during camp.

Cindy is one incredible woman.

I love the expression on Annabelle's face (in the purple). 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

These days....

From Creation to the Cross and my Clicking Mom's Magazine

 To compile a resource list for my DONA certification
Fixer Upper and House Hunters International
 To plan Amelia's Lego themed birthday party.

Blackberry oatmeal muffins and Nathaniel's favorite chewy chocolate chip cookies.

 To make peace with the mess in my house
Heaps of Earl Grey tea in the morning and decaf licorice spice in the evenings

 Some 12X12 layouts of my girls.

 For the incentive to start working out again

 Our spot for Spring Break Family Camp in Esperanza.
 The fact that Nathaniel finished the new half of our deck. I can't wait to decorate it with a chandelier, twinkly lights, and all the outdoor swag I bought ages ago.
The fact that Levi is sick AGAIN  for third time in a month and a half.
Taking pictures of spring blossoms.
 About the fact that I still want to be a foster parent at some point in the future.

 Sleep deprived but peaceful.

To a lot of music from my younger years (MXPX, Five iron frenzy, Keith Green, and Venere).
A gallery wall in the girl's bedroom


Friday, March 6, 2015

It arrived!

The woven wrap that I ordered months ago from Guatemala FINALLY arrived and it is everything I hoped it would be. Just looking at it makes me giddy!  

A local group called the mid island baby wearers are doing something called the "30 Day Wrap Challenge" and I am excited about participating. Each day they post a different carry on Facebook. I am a little behind at the moment, but I am enjoying learning new carries nonetheless. I will try and remember to update this list with photos at some point in the future. 

Day 1: Front Wrap Cross Carry
2. Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry
3. Front Cross Carry
4. Short Cross Carry
5.Kangaroo Carry
6. Front Torso Carry

Claire was more than happy to let me practice on her while Levi was sleeping. 

The simple things

It is the simple things that bring me the most joy. 

Enjoying breakfast with this little man.

 Watching Claire try out ballet for the first time. 

The hellebore blooming in my garden.

 Folding laundry with this guy.

Watching Claire use face paints.  She already has a love affair with her "play make-up".

Watching Amelia make and inhale a bacon, smoked salmon, kale, cabbage and tomato sandwich. 

When my daughter brings home these lovely awards from school.

Re-arranging my home on a whim.

Going out for dinner to awesome Mexican restaurant  with three children and actually enjoying my meal. 

Perler beads. They. are. awesome. ( Julie Dodds, Thank you for the introducing Amelia to this.) Yesterday I gave a bucket of them to the girls and enjoyed an hour and half nap with Levi. *Bliss*

This adoring gaze. Boogers and all :0)