Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Nature nuts

There is some inexplicably restorative about being in nature. When my children start climbing the walls and driving each other crazy, I know that it is time to take them outside. Within seconds their  disposition changes. Nature transforms  a preschooler whose "legs are broken" into an explorer, a moody five year old into a curator of fungi and renders a fussy baby silent. 

Amelia took these two photos. She has been showing some interest in photography so I have been teaching her how to use my camera. It is always interesting to see things from her perspective.

I love exploring in the woods with my children and teaching them about various plants and fungi.  

My girls love scrambling around on these huge boulders. 


 My beloved phylum bryophyta (otherwise known as moss). 


Mrs. R said...

Love seeing your photos! It's so true, that's what I miss most about the island always being able to burn energy outdoors. It's -43 here today so that won't be happening! And great photos Amelia, now you can be in more pics!

Caroline said...

Love, love, love all the pictures you post, indoors and out :0) Good for you for getting outside for an adventure with your kiddos!!