Friday, March 6, 2015

The simple things

It is the simple things that bring me the most joy. 

Enjoying breakfast with this little man.

 Watching Claire try out ballet for the first time. 

The hellebore blooming in my garden.

 Folding laundry with this guy.

Watching Claire use face paints.  She already has a love affair with her "play make-up".

Watching Amelia make and inhale a bacon, smoked salmon, kale, cabbage and tomato sandwich. 

When my daughter brings home these lovely awards from school.

Re-arranging my home on a whim.

Going out for dinner to awesome Mexican restaurant  with three children and actually enjoying my meal. 

Perler beads. They. are. awesome. ( Julie Dodds, Thank you for the introducing Amelia to this.) Yesterday I gave a bucket of them to the girls and enjoyed an hour and half nap with Levi. *Bliss*

This adoring gaze. Boogers and all :0)

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