Friday, March 6, 2015

It arrived!

The woven wrap that I ordered months ago from Guatemala FINALLY arrived and it is everything I hoped it would be. Just looking at it makes me giddy!  

A local group called the mid island baby wearers are doing something called the "30 Day Wrap Challenge" and I am excited about participating. Each day they post a different carry on Facebook. I am a little behind at the moment, but I am enjoying learning new carries nonetheless. I will try and remember to update this list with photos at some point in the future. 

Day 1: Front Wrap Cross Carry
2. Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry
3. Front Cross Carry
4. Short Cross Carry
5.Kangaroo Carry
6. Front Torso Carry

Claire was more than happy to let me practice on her while Levi was sleeping. 

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