Thursday, August 29, 2013



"Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life."
 - Rachel Carson

Summer "Bucket List"

"Summer Bucket List"

1) Pick cherries and strawberries
(Our friend's Paul and Nicole gave us permission to pick cherries and strawberries in their yard this summer. They have an incredible garden and it always a joy to meander through).


 2) Go camping with friends.

We nailed this one. We camped with friends THREE times this summer!
Our first trip with my dear friend Nicole and her darling girls. It rained a fair bit so we spent a lot of time around the fire and at the park.


Our second camping trip was with the Dodds family and I think it deserves a post of its own.

I forgot my camera on our third camping trip, but we had an amazing time in Parkville with two RCMP families from our previous post.

3) Pick Raspberries.
I invited two girlfriends and their children to join us at Dudink's farm. We had filling our buckets and our faces! 

5)  Go for a picnic at Newcastle island.
I feel as though I could cross this one off twice since we also hiked around the entire perimeter of the island with one toddler and two preschoolers in tow.

6) Make popsicles.

7) Pick Flowers


8) Wear lots of color.
I bought several colorful blouses at the beginning of the summer from Urban ... for 8$ a pop. Best purchase in a long time. This is pretty much the only photo I have of me actually wearing one.

9) Skim board at the beach.
For the second year in a row, I have no photographic evidence of this *Sigh* last year my camera battery died, and this year I simply forgot to bring it. So here is a photo from last summer.

-10) Pick blueberries
We finally crossed this one off the list with some dear friends of ours. We went to Steld's Blueberry farm in Ladysmith  and picked until our buckets were full and our bellies hurt.




11) Make blackberry pie.

12) Go to a farmer's market

13) Swim at Nanaimo river

Other highlights This Summer........

- Watching the flowers in my garden bloom.
Swimming at Westwood with friends.

 Playing at the spray park.

 Running on the trails at Rathtrever Beach. Pure bliss!
 Hitting up a garage sales
 I was driving home from a run around Westwood Lake when I stumbled upon these treasures at a garage sale.  The window is from a two hundred year old church in Chemanius. I also scored a great coffee table and antique medicine cabinet for peanuts (Thanks Jill)!

Running with my training partner Nola
(no photos yet)
Painting furniture
Picking heaps of berries


Taking the boat to Marble River with Nathaniel's parents
(no photos)
Bumping into a cousin  haven't seen in YEARS while out for a walk with my brother and his wife.

 Going to Cathedral Grove and Coombs with the Dodds family.

Didn't get to.....

-Explore the tidal pools at Botanical Beach in Port Renfrew.
-Swim at the pot holes
(But there is always next year)!!!!