Sunday, August 11, 2013

Interview: (Me)

For awhile now I thought it would be fun to interview my friends. There is an online magazine that I often read called Matchbook and I have always enjoyed their published interviews.  As a result, I decided that it would be fun to interview and photograph a friend a week. Now I just need to make my list of candidates and track them down. In the meantime I will amuse you  with my responses and an actual photo of myself. (Taken on my iPhone since it is nearly impossible to take a photo of myself with my DLSR).

Tea or coffee
 Most definitely tea (chai, licorice and peppermint) but lately I have been drinking a half a cup of coffee in the morning before my long training runs.
I collect
Beach glass, old window frames, tin stars, old furniture, and textiles.
 Favorite City
Antigua, Guatemala
 Spring or Fall
Fall. The crisp weather, the colors, the baking... its utter bliss!
 Bloom of choice
Peonies and hydrangea
Style icon
I can't say that I have one, but I LOVE the bohemian chic look
Right now I am...
Training for a my first marathon
Longing for...
A Vita mix for making smoothies and almond butter
Most prized possession
My sweet daughters and my journals (from grade seven until present).
My Design Aesthetic
Modern Country
Passionate About
Jesus, Empowered Birth, and making my surroundings beautiful

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