Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fall is in the air

Fall is in the air. I can feel it. While the afternoon is still balmy and inviting, the mornings are crisp and cool. While some may mourn the passing of long summer days, I rejoice in the promise of earlier bedtimes, quiet rainy days, and routine.
I have already started thinking about digging out my sweaters, and putting away my shorts. Dreaming about soups and stews and pumpkin pie.....
Our family, however, is making the best of what remains of our summer. Yesterday we took our annual hike along the Duke point trail. The views were just stunning and I just loved all the unique rock formations and arbutus trees. We nibbled on blackberries, picked wild flowers, scrambled over rocks and up trees. I am always amazed how a little bit of fresh air brings our family to life. Without the distractions of the Internet, phone, endless errands and responsibilities, we are free to play, explore and connect with each other.





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Chris is a geek said...

I am anxiously awaiting fall too ;0)
It's the time of year that Chris and I met and I too enjoy the cool crisp air. I am also looking forward to routine. I think my kids have had a long enough summer break. They are restless.