Sunday, September 18, 2011

Curls, plum cake and other random topics.....

I made an upside down plum cake the other evening. I had torn the recipe out of a Martha Stewart magazine a couple years ago and have been looking forward to making it for some time. Ripe plums are only available for a small period of time in the summer so I seized the opportunity before they were gone. I didn't have any raspberries so I used blueberries. It was delicious. I could have eaten the whole cake myself. Normally I don't allow myself to eat anything after 7pm but in this instance I had to make an exception. Here is a link to the


I tried something else new the other day. I love having curly hair, but don't have the time, nor the interest in curling it with an iron. Furthermore, my hair refuses to hold curl, so any effort I do make is often thwarted. Nevertheless, I continue to search for ways to overcome such obstacles. The other day I found a great video tutorial on pintrest that explained how to get curls without heat, or much effort. So I tried it. Here are a few photos. They are a little embarrassing. The top curls turned out well, but the lower ones were quite loose so I will have to tinker with the technique o get it to work for my long hair. I ended up wearing my hair in a side braid which I quite liked.

On another note entirely, my dear husband came home from a week long caribou hunt in the mountains, tanned and smiling ear to ear. He got what wanted and is happy as can be.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coming up on eight years......

It is hard to believe that Nathaniel and I will be celebrating eight years of marriage this October. Seeing as though we live in the sticks, going out for dinner will not an option, so I decided to find something that we could do as a family and still commemorate the occasion. Three years ago, Nathaniel and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary with a photo shoot and we loved it. Ever since then, I have wanted to do it again.. Click here to see more. I wish we could have had another photo session with that photographer, but alas, she now lives a whole province away.

I hoped that I would be able to find a photographer of equal caliber in Willaims Lake and was delighted to find this photographer's website in Williams Lake. I'm hoping to get some great shots of us standing in front on an old barn, on hay bales and in the fields. Our time in the Chilcotin is coming to an end and I think these photos will capture the precious time we have enjoyed in this beautiful country. So much has changed in three years. Nathaniel has a new career, we live in a different area, different home, have two children, a dog and a reliable vehicle. Crazy!!! I wonder what our lives will look like in another three years time?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I love to read and I have loved reading as long as I can remember. My mom has an adorable picture of me fast asleep at the age of 6 or 7 with a book half covering my face. When my mom needed to discipline or motivate me she simply took my book away. When Nathaniel and I traveled I think I read over 40 books, possibly more. It was wonderful! Now that I am a mother I do not have as much time to read but I still love it as much as ever and it provides a delightful little escape/treat at the end of a long, monotonous day. A good book is a hundred times better than a movie and I often recall scenes or situations from books far more often than I do from movies.

Here is just a FEW of a few of my favorite books: (meaning I have read them numerous times)
"Gift From The Sea": by Anne Marrow Lindberg
"Echo in the Darkness": by Francine Rivers
"Woman Power" by Dr. Laura Schlessinger
"The Birth House" by Ami McKay
"The Mask of Motherhood" by Susan Maushart

There is a long list of books that I would like to read - at some point in my life. At the moment I am interested in getting my hands on the books "The Hunger Games" and "The Room". I am also interested in checking out some classic literature by author's such as Mark Twain, and Edgar Allan Poe.
I was reading a post written by one of my favorite bloggers "Clover Lane" and she had shared a paragraph from a book she had recently read called "The Hand That First Held Mine". It resonated with me and I decided to share it with you as well. I Here it is....

"We change shape, she continued, we buy low-heeled shoes, we cut off our long hair. We begin to carry in our bags half-eaten rusks, a small tractor, a shred of beloved fabric, a plastic doll. We lose muscle tone, sleep, reason, perspective. Our hearts begin to live outside our bodies. They breath, they eat, they crawl and-look!-they walk, they begin to speak to us. We learn that we sometimes walk an inch at a time, to stop and examine every stick, every stone, every squashed tin along the way. We get used to not going where we were going. We learn to darn, perhaps to cook, to patch the knees of dungarees. We get used to living with a love that suffuses us, suffocates us, blinds us, controls us. We live. We contemplate our bodies, our stretched skin, those threads of silver around our brows, our strangely enlarged feet. We learn to look less in the mirror. We put our dry-clean only clothes in the back of the wardrobe. Eventually, we throw them away. We school ourselves to stop saying 'shit' and 'damn' and learn to say 'my goodness' and 'heavens above'. We give up smoking, we colour our hair, we search the vistas of parks, swimming pools, libraries, cafes for others of our kind. We know each other by our pushchairs, our sleepless gazes, the beakers we carry. We learn how to cool a fever, ease a cough, the four indicators of meningitis, that one must sometimes push a swing for two hours. We buy biscuit cutters, washable pains, aprons, plastic bowls. We no longer tolerate delayed buses, fighting in the street, smoking in restaurants, sex after midnight, inconsistency, laziness, being cold. We contemplate younger women as they pass us in the street, with their cigarettes, their makeup, their tight-seemed dresses, their tiny handbags, their smooth, washed hair, and we turn away, we put down our heads, we keep on pushing the pram up the hill."
- Maggie O'Farrell, The Hand That First Held Mine

Can't wait to check that book out!