Sunday, September 18, 2011

Curls, plum cake and other random topics.....

I made an upside down plum cake the other evening. I had torn the recipe out of a Martha Stewart magazine a couple years ago and have been looking forward to making it for some time. Ripe plums are only available for a small period of time in the summer so I seized the opportunity before they were gone. I didn't have any raspberries so I used blueberries. It was delicious. I could have eaten the whole cake myself. Normally I don't allow myself to eat anything after 7pm but in this instance I had to make an exception. Here is a link to the


I tried something else new the other day. I love having curly hair, but don't have the time, nor the interest in curling it with an iron. Furthermore, my hair refuses to hold curl, so any effort I do make is often thwarted. Nevertheless, I continue to search for ways to overcome such obstacles. The other day I found a great video tutorial on pintrest that explained how to get curls without heat, or much effort. So I tried it. Here are a few photos. They are a little embarrassing. The top curls turned out well, but the lower ones were quite loose so I will have to tinker with the technique o get it to work for my long hair. I ended up wearing my hair in a side braid which I quite liked.

On another note entirely, my dear husband came home from a week long caribou hunt in the mountains, tanned and smiling ear to ear. He got what wanted and is happy as can be.


Caroline said...

The upside down cake looks delicious!

I love your curls. I noticed your side braid on face book and was wondering how you got it to look like that.

Congrats Nate on catching the caribou!

Crissy said...

I absolutely love your blog and stumbled upon it through a google image search. I love your photos of your beautiful family and adventures. Looking forward to more! C x

Anderson Clan said...

Totally unrelated to this post...but I just wanted to tell you that "I miss you!"