Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Art that makes me happy



Interview: Nicole


Tea or Coffee
Always coffee. I love the caffeine and the smell
I collect
Babies, (smile) bottles of wine and cookbooks
Favorite City
Paris. There are so many parks where people eat pastries and read books. Instead of playgrounds, they have statues and art.
Spring or Fall
Fall. I love the colors  and the mild weather. It is dry but not hot, which means that I can wear layers. Also, my birthday is in the fall!
Bloom of Choice
Roses, Dahlias and Asters.
Right now I am
A stay at home mom
Longing for
Just a little more free time
Most prized possession
My piano
My Design Esthetic
Tuscan farmhouse/ old country charm.
Passionate about
Books, reading, parenting, food, babies and literature.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sometimes you just need to......

Sometimes you just need to .......
Indulge in a decadent  pastry.
One that makes you feel as though you have been swept away to Paris.  surrounded by brass pedestal tables, well dressed women, gold leaf wainscoting and classical music.
When I am craving an exquisitely crafted pastry I go to Mon Petit Choux Café on commercial street in Nanaimo. I savor every crumb and I either people watch or write in my journal. It is one of my favorite happy places.

 Be inspired 
I just adore décor magazines and I often bring a pile home from the library. They are a delight to look at  a cup of hot tea in the morning. The other day I was reading a House and Home Magazine and saw an incredible dining room bathed in delicious raspberry linen wallpaper. *SIGH* It inspired me to inject some color into my "cream colored" bedroom.
Sometimes, all it takes is a trip to my favorite boutique store. I love looking at all the painted furniture, the linens, the Annie Sloan paint products, and the stencils. Today I picked up a beautiful stencil called "Springtime in Paris".

Be creative
Try a new recipe, paint a wall, write, take photographs, design a card, sew, actually make something that you pinned on pinterest, re-arrange your furniture, create a gallery wall, the possibilities are endless....
Today while the children were playing I pulled out my new stencil and used it to transform a pair of  brown side tables I found on the curb this summer. *Bliss*
why....because the dishes will always be waiting, and the floor with always be covered with crumbs.... but your creative spark is fleeting. Stop hesitating!  It is better to create when you are inspired than wait until you have the  time to do so.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Pumpkin Patch Joy






Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Things that make me happy...

A healthy delicious breakfast.

A walk in the forest with friends

Learning about wildlife (in this case a red bellied newt)

Craft time with my girls

Reading blogs and eating chocolate cake.

Looking at my collection of treasures (antique birdhouse, journals, books and shells)
Spending time with this incredible woman!

Hurling down a hill on my bike

This little face that reminded me of a cute "Grinch"

My children's curiosity

Having a tea party at Perkins with these special gals

Looking at pretty furniture at Homesense

Watching Claire concentrate on something