Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Interview: Nicole


Tea or Coffee
Always coffee. I love the caffeine and the smell
I collect
Babies, (smile) bottles of wine and cookbooks
Favorite City
Paris. There are so many parks where people eat pastries and read books. Instead of playgrounds, they have statues and art.
Spring or Fall
Fall. I love the colors  and the mild weather. It is dry but not hot, which means that I can wear layers. Also, my birthday is in the fall!
Bloom of Choice
Roses, Dahlias and Asters.
Right now I am
A stay at home mom
Longing for
Just a little more free time
Most prized possession
My piano
My Design Esthetic
Tuscan farmhouse/ old country charm.
Passionate about
Books, reading, parenting, food, babies and literature.

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