Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Things that make me happy...

A healthy delicious breakfast.

A walk in the forest with friends

Learning about wildlife (in this case a red bellied newt)

Craft time with my girls

Reading blogs and eating chocolate cake.

Looking at my collection of treasures (antique birdhouse, journals, books and shells)
Spending time with this incredible woman!

Hurling down a hill on my bike

This little face that reminded me of a cute "Grinch"

My children's curiosity

Having a tea party at Perkins with these special gals

Looking at pretty furniture at Homesense

Watching Claire concentrate on something


Caroline said...

Love your pictures Jocelyn. I too love watching children focus on something :0)

Charlotte Almeida said...

Jocelyn, reading your blog makes me happy! Thanks for sharing your stories, your photos, and your life :)