Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fun in the snow

The other day, our little family took a trip to the lake for some ice fishing. The holes were frozen over and we didn't bring the necessary equipment to drill them open, so we just played in the snow. I love this photo of Amelia flying through the air. It actually looks like she is falling out of the sky.*LOVE*

Friday, February 25, 2011

Inspiration collages

One of the really great things having two girls will be the fact that they can share a room. I have been having a blast deciding how I will decorate their space once we move into our next home. I have been attracted to the colors: tangerine, orange, pink and red. I love how they look together and they are full of FUN! This is a little inspiration collage I put together to help me choose fabrics and decor. I really love the owl fabric and I have already ordered paper poms in those colors. Unfortunately, Picasa wouldn't let me upload the pictures of the tangerine poms and the pictures of the owl pillows I plan to make, but I will let you use your imagination.

I plan on using the poms for Amelia's birthday party and then hanging them above Claire's crib. At present, Amelia is still sleeping in the crib and I have no intention of changing that fact. These are my reasons........ she goes to bed like a dream, sleeps 12 hours a night and requests a two hour nap every afternoon. I am NOT messing with that. When she starts climbing out of her crib then we will have to re-evaluate, but until then I am not changing a thing. Little Claire will be sleeping in her bassinet beside my bed and then if need be, the playpen that Amelia has outgrown. I have to admit that I look forward to the day when we can set up the bunk beds that my daddy made for my sister and I. The great thing about them is the fact that they can be used as two individual single beds or stacked on top of each other.

When we move to the island, we plan on buying a three bedroom home so that I can keep my craft space. Having a space to be creative, and leave paper and felt and fabric on the floor keeps me sane and motivated in the wake of all the mundane activities I do each day. Amelia is starting to appreciate my vast supply of glue, punches, buttons, paper and glitter and she now has her own tote of foam stickers, play dough, finger paints, and crayons. I look forward to our little creative sessions even though they are MESSY! Hopefully both my girls will love being crafty with me as they grow.

Here is the inspiration collage I made for my future craft space:

I ordered some paper poms for my craft space as well in seafoam, turquoise and other delightful shades of blue. I think they will really set the tone for my "beach glass" inspired space. Nathaniel is going to build me some shelves where I am can display my pottery collection as well as my coral and starfish. At some point I would love to buy a dremmel and start making jewellery from the frosted glass I have collected over the years.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February (week 3)

February 15th: Played dress up with my favorite heels.

February 16th: All that remains of our firewood supply. It has been a cold winter and we still have plenty of below 30 temperatures ahead of us.

February 17th: My pre pregnancy shirts look like crop tops on me. My clothing options are becoming slimmer each day.

February 18th: The tiny sowet owl Nathaniel found frozen in the snow. Poor thing.

February 19th: Amelia enjoying her handmade fridge magnets. Hours of entertainment.

February 20th: Putting her "kitty" to bed under a pile of leftover felt.

February 21st: Goofing around at Strong start while listening to storey time.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Creativity Wish List

I would like to learn how to.......

1) Make a quilt (something that terrifies me for various reasons). This design is just stunning, but far beyond my skill level.

I think I will start with a simple patchwork quilt like this one:

2) Learn how to use my digital SLR and take great photos. I think I may order my camera this month in anticipation of Claire's arrival. I NEED to have a reliable camera on hand to capture all those precious newborn moments. (I LOVE this photograph)

3) Make and inspiration board out of an old frame. (I am almost finished this project.)

4) Make a super cute fabric tent like this one for my girls.

5) Make a mouth watering mousse. (One of my husband's favorite desserts.)

6) Make a pillow like this one:

7) Learn how to needle felt and wet felt

8) Learn how to crochet a little hat like this one:

9) Sew myself a tunic dress with some of the ethnic textiles I brought back from my travels.

10) Make bumper pads for Claire's crib

11) Sew a sleep sack. I usually order them off but I think it is time for me to buy the pattern.

What is your creativity wish list?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What did you do for Valentines?

I had all sorts of plans for Valentines that never came to fruition. When the actual day arrived I didn't feel like making the heart shaped pancakes topped with fruit that I had initially planned on, nor did I give Amelia and Nathaniel their Valentine gifts.
Fortunately, neither or them cared or noticed. Amelia is too young to understand, and Nathaniel is VERY easy going. When I had asked him if there was anything specific I could make him he requested almond roca. I picked up the ingredients when I was in town the other day and perhaps tomorrow I will attempt making it. Our neighbor made some awhile back and ever since Nathaniel has longed for more. The recipe requires the use of a candy thermometer so I am a little nervous.

When I was a child my mom always took the time to make every holiday or event special for us - especially valentines. I will always aim to do the same, but who says Valentines has to be celebrated on Valentines anyways? I can celebrate the people I love any day of the week or year and I do. This year I managed to make Valentines for ten of my girlfriends and host a cupcake party for some of my local friends, so I haven't been completely lazy. Valentines happened to fall on the same day as Strong Start at the local school so Amelia got to hand out Valentines and eat chocolate kisses for the first time. I downloaded the below Valentines and printed them out on card stock. Super simple and easy. Done.

So, what did you do, or not do for Valentines? Leave a response and I will send you a belated Valentines card..... if I haven't already :0)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"The Business of being Born"

The other day, my doula called me and asked me if I wanted to sit on a panel at a screening of the documentary of the film "the business of being born". I was tremendously excited and immediately agreed. It is such a great documentary and I think it is very interesting and informative.... if not a little controversial. Honestly, I can hardly wait to hear people's responses afterwards, provided I have not already gone into labour (the screening is on March 16th). It will be neat to see the film again especially as I am anticipating the birth of my second child (in a hospital).

I initially heard about the film when I was pregnant with Amelia, although it was released in 2007.By the time I watched the film, it took awhile to track it down, I was familiar with most of its content,due to my extensive reading on all things "birth related". I am relieved that many of the practices seen in the film are not routine procedures in Canada, but there are still many similarities. For example, my doula, on our last visit, informed me that the cesarean rate at the hospital where I am going to deliver is 50%.(Far far higher than it should EVER be)!

Click here to see a trailer of the film: The Business of being Born

Monday, February 14, 2011

February (week 2)

February 8th (I love my new candy jar)

February 9th (stringing up hearts to add some festivity to our home)

February 10th (THE BEST Devil's food cake cupcakes EVER)

February 11th

February 12th (My jewellery stand- I find I wear my earring more when I can see them)

February 13th (I finally put on my skates and took a spin around the outdoor rink near our house)

February 14th (Nathaniel had carnations hand delivered to Amelia and I, with love notes attached, on our way to strong start, but I didn't get a picture so this is Amelia and her daddy painting together.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A sweet sucess!

My little cupcake party was a sweet success! I took some pictures of the decor during the afternoon when there was more natural light. I borrowed the flag I made for my daughters room and strung it across the dining room for some festivity. I also borrowed her chalkboard to make a little sign. The cards on the bookshelf are a few of the many I made for my "card of the month club". I have to get those in the mail today!

Here my piles of cupcakes. I made Devil's food cake (from scratch), Vanilla (from a box) and Red Velvet(from scratch). They all turned out splendidly. Since I made them a day in advance of the party, I froze them and then took them out to thaw an hour before my guests arrived.

The next day, when Amelia went down for her nap, I took out a couple cupcakes and decorated a few as examples. I was rather pleased with the results since it was my first time experimenting with different icing tips.

Here are a couple close ups....

Devil's food cake with chocolate icing

Devil's food cake with pink and yellow coconut butter cream icing

Red Velvet with cream cheese icing and colored sugar sprinkled on top.

Vanilla cake with butter cream icing, colored sugar and a handmade candy rose.

Devils' Food cake with cream cheese frosting and a chuck of Hersey's chocolate

Vanilla Cake with coconut butter cream frosting and coconut flakes

Devil's food cake with cream cheese frosting and a jelly heart

Devil's Foodcake with buttercream frosting and jelly bellies

That evening after I had put Amelia to bed, I set out the sample cupcakes and bowls filled to the brim with candy and other toppings.

And put name cards out for the cupcakes...

A little while later.....

Unfortunatly, my camera kept deleting my photos as I took them, but I did manage to salvage a few photos of my guests and their creations. This adorable little bumblebee was made by the girl on the far right of this photo.She is the one that has been running the boot camp at the school gymnasium two night a week.

Bridgette's creations

Carrie's creations (my camera kept deleting picture of her) Dahhh

And Holly, my newest friend....

I was amazed that my daughter was able to fall asleep dispite all the ruckus we were making (laughing and telling loud stories). This was my plate of goodies by the end of the evening.