Monday, February 14, 2011

February (week 2)

February 8th (I love my new candy jar)

February 9th (stringing up hearts to add some festivity to our home)

February 10th (THE BEST Devil's food cake cupcakes EVER)

February 11th

February 12th (My jewellery stand- I find I wear my earring more when I can see them)

February 13th (I finally put on my skates and took a spin around the outdoor rink near our house)

February 14th (Nathaniel had carnations hand delivered to Amelia and I, with love notes attached, on our way to strong start, but I didn't get a picture so this is Amelia and her daddy painting together.

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Anita Grace said...

Hey Jocelyn!

I was catching up on your blog and wanted to leave a comment to say, first of... LOVE YOUR PHOTOS! You have an eye for the most simple & beautiful things to photograph.

Also, I take Joseph & Liam to Strong Start too! It's such a great program eh? Love that Nathaniel had flowers delivered... Jordan did the same for me!

I pray all goes well with the arrival of your baby girl ~ many blessings to you guys!

Love Anita, Jordan, Joseph & Liam