Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February (week 3)

February 15th: Played dress up with my favorite heels.

February 16th: All that remains of our firewood supply. It has been a cold winter and we still have plenty of below 30 temperatures ahead of us.

February 17th: My pre pregnancy shirts look like crop tops on me. My clothing options are becoming slimmer each day.

February 18th: The tiny sowet owl Nathaniel found frozen in the snow. Poor thing.

February 19th: Amelia enjoying her handmade fridge magnets. Hours of entertainment.

February 20th: Putting her "kitty" to bed under a pile of leftover felt.

February 21st: Goofing around at Strong start while listening to storey time.


Rachel said...

hey joc, im back on blogger again, its been so long since i have been on here, i think i forgot about it all together. Im catching up reading your posts.

Anita Grace said...

Hey Jocelyn! Okay, you've totally sparked my creativity today to make some felt fridge magnetics ~ I LOVE that idea!

I googled it just now to see about finding a tutorial and found these adorable ones... they look a little time consuming but ever so cute:

I've been wanting to hang magnetic boards in the boys rooms for awhile now, for them to hang some of their creations, and these would be so fun for that!
Thanks for the idea!

Anita Grace said...

PS. I mean that these would be a fun toy for a magnet board... not just to hang things ;)

I love when kids can use their imaginations.