Sunday, February 6, 2011

Writing my "birth plan".

I use the term "birth plan" loosely as I know that birth is a lot like life and not something that can be controlled or easily dictated. We make plans.... life happens. So let's call this my "birth preferences". I didn't write a "birth plan" with Amelia as my midwives and doula were so thoroughly aware of my wishes that there was no need to record them on paper. This time around it will necessary to have something in writing so that my doctor and nurses know what I would want.

My Birth preferences List
I understand that labour and birth are unpredictable and ultimately I want the health and safety of both baby and I to take precedence. When possible I request that procedures be explained thoroughly (benefits and risks) and also, I would like to be included in the decision making process. Below are the items that are important to me. Your help with these is very much appreciated. All of the requests are for a normal labour, birth and postpartum period.

- I would like to have as natural experience as possible - freedom of movement, intermittent monitoring and a saline lock instead of an on going IV.

- Being in the hospital, I know that main medications are available. Please accept my request that medications not be offered to me. For personal reasons, I am striving for an unmediated labor and delivery. If I desire medication or an epidural, I will be the first one to ask for it!

- I would like the room as dark as possible.

- Please to not direct my pushing with counting or yelling "push" to me.

-I strongly prefer a tear to an episiotomy

- I would like to be an active in the birth as possible, including bringing the baby up to my chest.

Baby care
- Please delay weighing until after baby has nursed.

- Please preform all newborn procedures on me.

- No erythromycin eye ointment, please.

-No vitamin k injection (unless bruising or trauma occurs).

Cesarean (Should this be required)
- Please use double layer sutures when repairing my uterus.

Well there it is. Hopefully is it clear and succinct. I didn't want to be too wordy or sound like some kind of granola hippie (although I kinda am) :0)Now all I can do is mentally and emotionally prepare for the marathon ahead.


Caroline said...

Love your thoughts Jocelyn. I am in awe that you are going to be giving birth in the next month or so. It seems like you just had Amelia! How can she be 2 years old soon? Wow, time flies.

Ashley said...

You have put so much love and thought into your plan, it was so interesting to read how you would like to have your second baby. I have never considered half of the things you wrote about ( lol but never having been pregnant, why would i). I love how open you are

Rachel said...

I gather that you have read alot about birth and all the procedures they do and whats good and whats not. I think it is very smart of you to keep yourself so well informed of what is the best for you and your baby. I pray that you will have all that you ask for.