Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"The Business of being Born"

The other day, my doula called me and asked me if I wanted to sit on a panel at a screening of the documentary of the film "the business of being born". I was tremendously excited and immediately agreed. It is such a great documentary and I think it is very interesting and informative.... if not a little controversial. Honestly, I can hardly wait to hear people's responses afterwards, provided I have not already gone into labour (the screening is on March 16th). It will be neat to see the film again especially as I am anticipating the birth of my second child (in a hospital).

I initially heard about the film when I was pregnant with Amelia, although it was released in 2007.By the time I watched the film, it took awhile to track it down, I was familiar with most of its content,due to my extensive reading on all things "birth related". I am relieved that many of the practices seen in the film are not routine procedures in Canada, but there are still many similarities. For example, my doula, on our last visit, informed me that the cesarean rate at the hospital where I am going to deliver is 50%.(Far far higher than it should EVER be)!

Click here to see a trailer of the film: The Business of being Born

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