Monday, February 21, 2011

Creativity Wish List

I would like to learn how to.......

1) Make a quilt (something that terrifies me for various reasons). This design is just stunning, but far beyond my skill level.

I think I will start with a simple patchwork quilt like this one:

2) Learn how to use my digital SLR and take great photos. I think I may order my camera this month in anticipation of Claire's arrival. I NEED to have a reliable camera on hand to capture all those precious newborn moments. (I LOVE this photograph)

3) Make and inspiration board out of an old frame. (I am almost finished this project.)

4) Make a super cute fabric tent like this one for my girls.

5) Make a mouth watering mousse. (One of my husband's favorite desserts.)

6) Make a pillow like this one:

7) Learn how to needle felt and wet felt

8) Learn how to crochet a little hat like this one:

9) Sew myself a tunic dress with some of the ethnic textiles I brought back from my travels.

10) Make bumper pads for Claire's crib

11) Sew a sleep sack. I usually order them off but I think it is time for me to buy the pattern.

What is your creativity wish list?

1 comment:

Rachel said...

hey joc if your wanting to borrow my swirly bumper pads for claire i can send it up with mom when she goes down there if you like. let me know on facebook if you do so that i will know for sure. love rach