Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'm back!

In the absence of blogging, I have spent a great deal of time reflecting, journaling and resting. I am not entirely sure why I have been hesitant to blog, but I have a few ideas. As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, the past couple of months have been challenging due to various health related reasons. For those of you who have dealt with a teething or sick child, you know that life as you know it comes to a standstill and sleep deprivation becomes a reality. Consequently, that, combined with the craziness of the Christmas season, LONG to do lists, the inability to work out meant that my body was overdue for a crash. And crash I did.

Somehow I wound up with a  nasty combination of  the cold/flu and viral tracheitis  just before Christmas.
I am sure that some of it was/is probably due to my obsession with productivity, my colossal to do lists, the desire for perfection, as well as other less obvious reasons. Why do I insist on sending Christmas cards every year?  Why do I create so much additional work for myself. I struggle with balancing the needs of my family with my ambition to create, doula, and paint. I want to do everything and I can't.

Oh and have I mentioned that I am pregnant!!!! Our family is
This is a fact that our family is thrilled about, but that has also contributed to my overall  EXHAUSTION! 
These days my will is strong but my body is weak. I have been looking at my nasty floors for weeks now, but I can't don't have the energy to clean them. Last night instead of finishing some pedestal tables, and cleaning my kitchen, I ate a half of bag of chops and watched YouTube videos. DAH!
  Today, for the first time in LOOOOONG time I feel "normal". I am still congested, but I'm not hacking up phlegm or incapacitated by exhaustion. I feel happy and excited about life. (Whew, big sigh of relief).
That being said, I finally feel ready to start writing again. It has been nearly two months since I have done so. I still have a hard time believing that I didn't blog once during the Christmas season!