Friday, March 22, 2013


It is cold and dreary outside and I don't feel capable of stringing more than a few simple sentences together. Honestly, all I want to do is curl up with a steaming hot mug of peppermint tea and a plate of oatmeal chocolate chop cookies. A pile of decor magazines would be wonderful as well.  Once the weather warms up I am planning on digging my bike out of my husbands sawdust laden workshop and go for a much needed ride.
 I have been doing my "30 day shred" workout video for nearly a month now and have only managed to gain (sniff) five pounds.Needles to say, I am feeling rather sorry for myself, and ready to give up on this whole "weight loss" endeavour. I won't, because I am stubborn, but I am going to take a little break from eating vegetables morning noon and night and have some TOAST!!!!  A perfectly toasted slice of rye bread slathered with butter and sugar free jam or almond butter is one of my favorite snacks.

Truthfully, I just feel low. My life is comfortable, but not terribly adventurous. My days are pretty predictable and I don't have the energy to "shake things up". I have always believed that if I am discontent with the way things are that it is my responsibility to change either the situation or my attitude. In this particular situation a combination of both is required. Right now, the enormity of what needs to change feels  overwhelming and I don't quite  know where to begin.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

A walk downtown

Lately I have been a complete and utter homebody.  Just getting out of bed has felt like monumental task and I am a "morning person".  Thankfully, the girls have been sleeping until 7:30 most mornings and I would stay in bed much longer if I didn't NEED to get up to make breakfast, get Amelia to preschool, attend home group, clean the house, shop, cook, clean,make Nathaniel's lunch, tidy, scrub, entertain friends, take Claire to strong start, work out EVERY DAY, take Chester for a walk, and look like a normal being instead of the zombie that I feel like. By the time 6pm rolls around I am ready to collapse. A couple of days ago the rain stopped for a couple hours and I dragged my carcass, and those of my whiny children OUT OF THE HOUSE. I am so glad that I did beacause we had an awesome time gallavanting through some lovely gardens downtown.


Both of my girls insist on sniffing every.single. flower. I just love it when Cklair ruches up her nose and makes her "sniffling sound".
Melts. My . Heart.

We sat on  a park bench and shared a juicy mango.
Pure enjoyment

Later that evening, when Amelia was arranging her boqet of flowers into a vase she said "mommy these flowers are sharing so nicely".
It's those sweet moments that make life SO AWESOME!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


I am one of those naughty people who is constantly tearing pages out of magazines in waiting rooms, and sometimes even the ones from the library. I know, I am terrible, but I know that they are  thrown out as soon as the calender year is up. I have started taking my camera with me wherever I go so that I am always able to capture images or ideas that inspire me. Needless to say, I have piles of beautiful, inspirational photos that my my heart sing. I usually plaster an entire room in my studio with images that make my heart swoon, but I decided to tape a few up on my kitchen cabinets the other day. Being surrounded by beautiful things brings me such joy.
(Pictures of a fridge painted with chalkboard paint, an old bicycle in front of a wisteria laden shed, a basket full of farm fresh eggs, a pergola covered in vines and vases full of spring blossoms.)


What is inspiring you these days? 

Queen of unfinished projects

I don't know about you, but I am the queen of unfinished projects! I am horrified at the amount of half completed projects around me at any given time. In a glance, I notice the curtain rod that I have yet to spray paint, the side table that has only been partially waxed,  and the curtains that need to be lengthened (after a mishap in the dyer). Downstairs, in my craft rooms, are piles of unfinished albums, art, cards... (ect). I always have such grand ambitions, but rarely have the energy or enthusiasm to finish what I begin.

 I have , however, started working on the wardrobe album I began back in November. Spring is just around the corner and I am determined to wear all the skirts and dresses that have been languishing in my closet. I purchased this yellow sundress from a consignment store last summer, the cardigan  from Bootlegger two years ago and the shoes from superstore five years ago for 2.50. The necklace was purchased purchase from Old Navy last fall. Hopefully I will be able to compile a few more fun outfits for the season ahead.
I always have to laugh at the evidence of my children in these photos - from the plastic pear in the background to the mucky fingers all over the mirror.

 This blog has been helping me make the most of my wardrobe and is chalk full of inspirational outfits. I have started compiling my photos into an album I picked purchased at Home Sense.

Hope this inpsires you to play a little "dress up" in your closet and utilize those clothes that haven't seen the light of day in years.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Loving my church

I feel so blessed to be a part of a congregation that is so artistic, talented, transparent, and most importantly hungry for God. I just love the worship, the teaching, the fellowship, and the heart that this group of people has for one another.  I love that it is a place where there is freedom to dance, paint, weep, ask for prayer, sit quietly, write, sing your guts out, lift your hands, kneel, chase your children, eat a snack and speak up in the midst of a sermon. 

More than anything, I love that I am  challenged, encouraged, accepted and loved.

These are just a few photos I snapped the other evening while attending an evening worship service. They are blurry but they capture the heart of the experience. 

This woman was doing something we call "prophetic painting" during worship. It is so beautiful to watch the image emerge as the congregation worships. There were quite a few painters that evening but this one really spoke to me. 

I tried to take some video footage of the service but I am a HORRIBLE videographer. I tried to take a few videos that evening but I chose to share this one because it captures a bit of the spontaneous worship that I love so much. How do I describe it.... *sigh*...... when the structured music ends and an expectancy still lingers...when our soul begins to sing its own song, an unscripted song, a song of hope and liberation and longing........ when we begin to sing the Fathers heart for us... for His people.... it is powerful and  beautiful. 

I love these example of "spontaneous worship" with Kim Walker. She has such a beautiful heart for worship.

My garden

Standing in front of what will be my shade garden in the near future. Forgive the blurry shot. My husband didn't want to come outside in his underwear and this was the only picture he took. I think I need to invest in a tripod.

I recently planted a few hellebore plants. I have loved this plant for a LONG time and I am excited that I finally have a few in my garden

There are so many varieties, but I figured I would see how these two plants fare before I purchase any more. 

There is something so exciting and refreshing about new life. I just planted some root balls from my dad two weeks ago and I am pretty sure this hosta poking through the soil. Whi hoo!

They come in so many shades and produce the most delicate flowers. 

As much as I loved my vegetable gardens in the Chilcotin I am excited about growing flowers. I purchased some seeds at a nursery last week and I am going to try and grow foxgloves, lupins, passion flower, delphinium, and hollyhocks. 

We have been digging up snow drops from abandoned lots.....

...and Amelia has been helping me plant a few primroses she bought with her allowance.

I'm so excited for SPRING!!!!!