Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Loving my church

I feel so blessed to be a part of a congregation that is so artistic, talented, transparent, and most importantly hungry for God. I just love the worship, the teaching, the fellowship, and the heart that this group of people has for one another.  I love that it is a place where there is freedom to dance, paint, weep, ask for prayer, sit quietly, write, sing your guts out, lift your hands, kneel, chase your children, eat a snack and speak up in the midst of a sermon. 

More than anything, I love that I am  challenged, encouraged, accepted and loved.

These are just a few photos I snapped the other evening while attending an evening worship service. They are blurry but they capture the heart of the experience. 

This woman was doing something we call "prophetic painting" during worship. It is so beautiful to watch the image emerge as the congregation worships. There were quite a few painters that evening but this one really spoke to me. 

I tried to take some video footage of the service but I am a HORRIBLE videographer. I tried to take a few videos that evening but I chose to share this one because it captures a bit of the spontaneous worship that I love so much. How do I describe it.... *sigh*...... when the structured music ends and an expectancy still lingers...when our soul begins to sing its own song, an unscripted song, a song of hope and liberation and longing........ when we begin to sing the Fathers heart for us... for His people.... it is powerful and  beautiful. 

I love these example of "spontaneous worship" with Kim Walker. She has such a beautiful heart for worship.

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