Saturday, May 30, 2015

These days.....

Kindred Hearts: Nurturing the Bond Between Mother and Daughter

To actually use my cloth diapers

Ashamed to admit it.... but the Bachelorette....
To workout at least five days a week

Raspberry, quinoa muffins (but they were an epic fail).

That one step forward and two steps backwards is not failure.... its called the cha cha!
Almond milk

Cards with a neighbor next week

 Crock Pot Freezer meals in an attempt to not always be scrambling for meal ideas at 4pm

For someone to mail my Maya ring sling back to me. I miss it SO much.

About the home and property that Nathaniel and I hope to buy some day

That I might be able to do "mudderella" after all
My new fit bit Charge HR
The fact that Levi has decided that 5:10am is a good time to wake up every morning. Gah!!!!
Working out at VI Gym again. They have a class called "Group Power" that kicks my butt.
About the various perspectives on cessationism

Empowered and strong

To "Zen" jazz on songza
A photo book of our trip around the world - FINALLY!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mini Vacation

A couple weeks ago my parents invited us to enjoy a mini vacation with them in a place called Sooke on the south end of Vancouver Island. We stayed at the Best Western Premier Prestige Oceanfront Resort, which was absolutely beautiful.  The building reminded me of something I might find in the Bahamas or Deep south.

This was my favorite little spot in the lobby. The d├ęcor was stunning!
Enjoying brunch together
We spent a lot of time soaking in the hot tub and pool. Because it was low season for the hotel we practically had the place to ourselves.
Amelia spent most of her time there underwater, as she was thrilled to have an opportunity to use the snorkel and mask she received for her birthday.
One morning we were looking for crabs at the pier when all of a sudden a harbor seal popped up in front of us. Nathaniel quickly ran to the nearest bait shop and bought some frozen mackerel to feed them.

They ate right out of our hands! 

We also took a lovely hike around the at the Sooke Potholes Regional Park.

My poor mother had thrown her back out earlier that day but it didn't stop her from tagging along.

Getting out in the woods with these two reminds me of the good old days when the three of us would venture into the wilderness behind our home armed with only a buck knife and some rope.
Amelia was thrilled to find a red bellied newt, but devastated when she had to leave it behind.
We also took the trek to Botanical beach and enjoyed some time in the wilderness.  It was WINDY!


What fun that was!!!!! Thanks Oma and Opa!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Things I find myself saying....

These days I find myself saying ... "don't clean, enjoy life".... "leave those dishes alone and go for a run".... "stop folding laundry and make love to your husband"...... "stop picking up after the girls and instead do something with them".... "forget about the debris on the floor and go take some pictures".... "stop obsessing about your to do list and go tickle that sweet baby of yours".
 It is so easy for me to focus on having things "just so" and forget to live life.

Does anyone else struggle with that, or it is the opposite for you?

I want to work on having friends over for dinner more often and not obsess about cleaning the house beforehand. I want to work at playing with my children even when there are a million other things distracting me. I want to make exercise a priority instead of coming up with reasons why I can't. I want to be mindful of what I am putting in my body and spend more time outside.


What are your goals these days?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Levi Nathaniel Lord


Levi is nine months old and I just can't get enough of him.  I adore his growls, his soft white blond hair, his little fat fists, and the joy that fills his face when he sees me. Sometimes my heart feels like it is going to explode.
Why are babies so addicting? Is it the way they smell , how their little bodies feel in our arms, the sounds they make, their chub, their simplicity, dependency? All I know is that I can't help but marvel at him.  
These days he is eating everything in sight, giggling, standing and crawling. He lets me feed him kale, quinoa and all sorts of other bizarre and healthy foods.  He naps twice a day and despite my intentions/desires/attempts, DOES NOT sleep through the night. In fact, I have reverted to sharing my bed with him most nights just to get enough sleep to function the next day.
I SUCK at sleep training.
Nevertheless, I am in love with my little mush.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Making me happy

So many things make me happy these days.....

This little girl's laugh

Hanging out with this lady at the beach and chatting about "staging homes"
Taking pictures of tiny, bitty things.

The fact that THIS is nearly done.

 Collecting armloads of poppins and lupines  with my girls

The word "spring" on my chalkboard backsplash 

This solitary bloom on our transplanted wisteria.
Giving this little man a bath at the end of the day.

 Watching these two interact

Doing this

Watching Nathaniel feed his cuttlefish every evening.

It's the simple stuff that brings me the most joy.