Thursday, July 15, 2010

A week in the life: Sunday (this one is a little late)

Amelia grabbed a knife off the counter and cut herself. She was bleeding profusely and refused to keep a band aid on. I think we went through about 10 band aids before I was able to get the bleeding to stop.

Washed our filthy truck (although it is futile exercise since it will be dusty and dirty within a couple of days.)

Playing blocks - this happens to be Amelia's favorite.

Helping me unpack my suitcase

Having a little dance party in the livingroom - I had downloaded a really cool african CD off iTunes.

Making dinner (Grilled zuchini, carrots, chickrn breast and baked potatoe)

Re-organizing my pantry of sorts (her favorite activity while I am cooking)

The yummy food collage on my kichen wall

A cuddle with daddy before bed

My Cat- killer all all things soft and feathery

Made some felt earrings - still toying with a name for my creations....

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Do you ever.....

Do you ever have days where you feel totally on top of things. Right now the dishes are done, the floor are clean (albeit temporality), there is a fresh pie cooling on the window sill, I worked out, put on make-up , brushed my hair, organized my week and am full of creative energy. Let me assure, this is not always the case. Most days I do crusty dishes in the morning, trip over all the clothes scattered all over the floor, tie my knotty hair in a bun and I go au natural - oh and eat too much chocolate. Motherhood has truly humbled me and for that I am thankful. I still have days where I am obsessed with having a "tidy" house (note that I didn't say clean), but I am realizing that there are many other things that are more important. I am growing to love being a "stay a home mamma", and I have to laugh at how far I have come from my "angry feminist" days. I love my "role" and I have found that it has brought me freedom I never knew existed. My life is not glamorous, but it is rich with the things that really count. My husband is honest, faithful, hardworking and handsome and my daughter makes my heart melt more and more each day. I still have days where I am on the verge of cursing and throwing a childish temper tantrum.... days where my daughter is a cranky tornado and my husband works non-stop, but thankfully, I am learning to relax even in those situations. As I am writing this, the valley below my home is burning and smoke is filling the evening sky. Nathaniel warned me that there would be the threat of forest fires this summer but I never expected them to be so close to home so soon. Seeing a fire mercilessly destroy everything in its path makes me think about what is most important to me. This evening I am finding myself glancing around my house and thinking "what will I take with me if we get evacuated in the next couple of hours"?

On a lighter note, these are a few things I am feeling thankful for today.......

1. My daughter's bitty pigtails

2. My tanned skin
3. The fact that my daughter is sleeping through the night (again)
4. Blueberries, raspberries and nectarines
5. The lovely wedding shower I attended this afternoon (baby free)
6. The fact that we will be going on holidays in a couple of days.
7. That my daughter still LOVES nursing!

8. This meal........

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A week in the life: Thursday, Friday, Saterday

I start each day with this fabulous tea while my husband drinks day old, sludgy coffee.....

Making a last minute investment before we head to Bella Coola

An hour and a half into our drive we stopped at Tatla lake for some breakfast at this quaint place.

It had a stunning view and A LOT of mosquitoes.

Checking out the serious switchbacks that lead into the valley. We are told that people often melt their hubcaps going down.

My husband spotted a big rock and HAD to boulder for a little while.

Amelia really enjoys wearing our sunglasses. When she wear them like this she looks a bit like a cyclops.

Windows down, music blaring....road trips are the best!

Picking cherries. Nathaniel gorged himself and I certainly ate my fair share as well.

Our little red cabin

Checking out the museum. There were so many amazing photographs of first nations villages as well as Norwegian farming tools.

Reading in the morning while my daughter runs amok...

Picking berries from the garden at the bed and breakfast where we stayed.

Discovering how much she likes raspberries

The garden of my dreams. I could do a whole post just about this garden.......

Checking out the RCMP Detachment in Bella Coola

At the trail head for some great falls.

Amelia impressed us with her hiking skills

Taking a quick nurse break at the lookout point.


Eating out with Amelia is always interesting.... and messy

Goodbye beautiful mountains

When we got home Nathaniel did some much needed ironing...

... while I baked a sour cream apple pie (hmmmmm yummy)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A great little getaway

Family shot in the glorious Bella Coola Mountains

The sweet little red cabin we stayed in

We gorged ourselves on cherries

Amelia did some hiking with us

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A week in the life: Wednesday

We started the day with.....

8:00am A wasp sting

Amelia's wounded hand. She wouldn't use it for the majority of the day.

1:00pm Roughhousing with daddy

1:30 Eating these delicious summer foods

2:00pm Some seriously cute, but tiny pigtails...... and a VERY dirty truck.

2:30 The dirty dishes that just keep piling

4:00pm Writing a list of things to pack for our trip to Bella Coola

5:00 Folding laundry...

7:30 Reading "Memoirs of a Geisha"

8:00 Dusk - my favorite time of the day

I am going to be away for a couple of days so will post pictures of Thurs and Friday when I return. Hope you all had a lovely day.