Thursday, July 15, 2010

A week in the life: Sunday (this one is a little late)

Amelia grabbed a knife off the counter and cut herself. She was bleeding profusely and refused to keep a band aid on. I think we went through about 10 band aids before I was able to get the bleeding to stop.

Washed our filthy truck (although it is futile exercise since it will be dusty and dirty within a couple of days.)

Playing blocks - this happens to be Amelia's favorite.

Helping me unpack my suitcase

Having a little dance party in the livingroom - I had downloaded a really cool african CD off iTunes.

Making dinner (Grilled zuchini, carrots, chickrn breast and baked potatoe)

Re-organizing my pantry of sorts (her favorite activity while I am cooking)

The yummy food collage on my kichen wall

A cuddle with daddy before bed

My Cat- killer all all things soft and feathery

Made some felt earrings - still toying with a name for my creations....

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Caroline said...

Love the dancing picture Jocelyn! I remember dancing with Justin on my hip when he was around 3 and boy was I sore the next day! Some things you just keep doing because you've always done them, then realize they are just too big for that, so you gotta figure out another way to dance with them ;0)