Monday, July 5, 2010

A week in the life: Monday

I have been wanting to do something called "a week in the life" by Ali Edwards for quite some time and this week I finally started. Basically, it is a challenge to capture everyday life, your routines, schedule, special little moments and well as random things like what you eat for breakfast, what your child looks like when they are throwing a fit... ect. Sometimes I get so caught up capturing picture perfect moments and neglect to capture the everyday ordinary ones that compose my day. Below are just a few pictures I took today. There are not my best photos but I do feel that they capture the essence of my day

7:30am Amelia wakes up and I bring her into bed for a snuggle and a nurse.

After she is done nursing she rolls over and snuggles up to her daddy.

Nathaniel spent most of the morning reading a book in bed.

10:30 Off for a run in the meadow - wish I had more pictures of this... tomorrow Nathaniel promised he would take some of me actually running.

11:30am Nathaniel mowing our mostly "uphill" lawn.

12:00 Picking what remains of the flowers before Nathaniel mows them down.

Amelia "helping"

12:30 Lunch time

1:00pm Baking a rhubarb strawberry pie

2:00pm Walked to to the post office to mail a parcel to my dear friend. The path we take always take leads us through a pasture full of horses.

2:30pm The watermelon that we thoroughly enjoyed. It sure looked pretty as well.

3:00pm Amelia eating some yogurt... ie: BIG MESS

Whew! That was a lot of pictures to upload.

6:30pm Showered and ready for bed

7:00pm Pj's and milk

7:15pm Favorite time of day. I love the long shadows, the quiet, the subtle warmth....

7:30pm Sweeping up the debre from the day

8:00pm My man comes home for some dinner

and some more reading......

9:00pm Doing some research about wedding day make-up for a friend

9:15pm Some frozen blueberries and yogurt (my favorite evening snack)

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Caroline said...

Love it Jocelyn! You are a brave woman to post a picture of you in a towel! :0)
The frozen blueberries and yogurt look delicious. Do you make your own yogurt? It's super easy (coming from a girl who has only watched her husband make it...)

J&A liked the picture of Nathaniel in his uniform.