Sunday, July 11, 2010

A week in the life: Thursday, Friday, Saterday

I start each day with this fabulous tea while my husband drinks day old, sludgy coffee.....

Making a last minute investment before we head to Bella Coola

An hour and a half into our drive we stopped at Tatla lake for some breakfast at this quaint place.

It had a stunning view and A LOT of mosquitoes.

Checking out the serious switchbacks that lead into the valley. We are told that people often melt their hubcaps going down.

My husband spotted a big rock and HAD to boulder for a little while.

Amelia really enjoys wearing our sunglasses. When she wear them like this she looks a bit like a cyclops.

Windows down, music blaring....road trips are the best!

Picking cherries. Nathaniel gorged himself and I certainly ate my fair share as well.

Our little red cabin

Checking out the museum. There were so many amazing photographs of first nations villages as well as Norwegian farming tools.

Reading in the morning while my daughter runs amok...

Picking berries from the garden at the bed and breakfast where we stayed.

Discovering how much she likes raspberries

The garden of my dreams. I could do a whole post just about this garden.......

Checking out the RCMP Detachment in Bella Coola

At the trail head for some great falls.

Amelia impressed us with her hiking skills

Taking a quick nurse break at the lookout point.


Eating out with Amelia is always interesting.... and messy

Goodbye beautiful mountains

When we got home Nathaniel did some much needed ironing...

... while I baked a sour cream apple pie (hmmmmm yummy)

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Caroline said...

What beautiful scenery Joce! The pictures of the three of you are so precious ;0) Looks like a fun little get-away!