Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Week in the life: Tuesday

I have so addicted to watching "the city" right now. I have pretty much watched the first season and most of the second in the past couple of days.

Here is another onslaught of pictures from my day. If anyone knows how to make the images larger could you please let me know.

8:00am This moring Amelia found my stash of Mary Kay products and had a blast opening ALL the lipstick boxes.

9:00am Out for our morning walk. It blessed my heart to bits that she is finally holding my hand.

10:00am I spray painted a couple drawer handles for a piece of furniture that I am refinishing but they blew off the pieces of cardboard they were sitting on and into the cracks on our deck. I spent the better part of a half an hour trying to pull them out with a pair of chopsticks and some sticky tack. Great Success!

11:00am Amelia is developing some serious climbing skills these days.

11:30am think she is all done.........

2:30pm We spotted this cute, fat marmot type creature on our drive to the beach.

2:45pm Minutes before she upchucked into Nathaniel's goggle case.

3:30pm Eating sandy corn on the cob (yuck)

A sweet little mother bird was sitting on some babies in this stump.

Amelia wants to make friends with every creature she sees.

4:00pm Using our self timer to get a "family shot"

4:30pm There are cows on virtually every dirt road

The Chilcotin River

4:45pm Nathaniel is still reading his book as he is getting ready for work.

5:30 This is all that is left of that delicious pie......

8:30 Made a birthday card for my sister. You will be getting a little package as well Rachel)!

9:00pm Creative mayhem

Well my baby girl is waking up so I am going to wrap this up. Hope you enjoyed all the picures.


Caroline said...

Loved the pictures Jocelyn. Also love the new look of your blog!

Rachel said...

I am enjoying your daily week blog joc! Looks like you, nathaniel and amelia are enjoying the water and sunshine! So are we here is harrison and cultus lake. i love amelias blonde hair, so cute. i just love the card you made for my birthday, im so excited to get it. it is just beautiful! Enjoy this spectacular weather my dear.