Saturday, June 28, 2014


Yesterday Amelia and started writing our summer bucket list. We found a great little sheet to fill out over at Dear Lizzy called "Go, See, Do"

I am hoping to have a low key summer, but still enjoy some simple fun. What sort of things do you hope to do this summer?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: A walk at Duke Point

Pregnancy Update

It is hard to believe that I am thirty two weeks pregnant. I see my midwife every week from now on. At our last appointment I was given my home birth supply list and a bag containing chux pads, a peri bottle and a plastic sheet for our kind sized bed. Oh boy....

 I was joking with a friend the other day I am getting "cold feet" about having a third. I am not afraid of labor but I am nervous about the days and weeks following the arrival of our third child. Am I going to be an emotional mess? Is Nathaniel going to step up the plate and take care of girls and the house the way I need him to? Is breastfeeding going to be a challenge? How am I  going to cope with sleep deprivation? Claire has recently started sleeping through the night consistently over the past month and it has been wonderful. I am SO thankful that Nathaniel will be taking paternity leave and that Amelia will be starting kindergarten in the fall, but I know that those two changes will come with their challenges as well. 

I am nervous about......

 -Loss of control, not being able to meet my children's needs, missing out on things and feeling incapacitated. - Not have time to exercise or be creative 
- The possibility of a colicky child and "purple crying"
- Having another child that does not sleep through the night until after the age of one, or in Claire's case, much later.

I am looking forward to .....

-Baby wearing and buying a new carrier (most likely a wrap)
-Breastfeeding and reading books. I can plow through books like nobody's business when given the opportunity.
- Being proactive about sleep training from an earlier age.
- Having my hubby's support for the first nine months. It feels like such an excessive luxury after only having had two or three days with each child in the past. hopefully we don't drive each other crazy.
- Running and working out at the gym

 In the past I have been focused on my pregnancy and the birth, whereas this time around I am almost exclusively focused on the time after this baby is born. I have spent very little time thinking about labour and I don't know if I am even going to write a "birth plan". I have tremendous confidence in my body and my care provider and I am just looking forward to meeting my son. Wow, I still can't believe I am going to have a son! Wouldn't it be funny if it turned out to be a girl. Ha! It happens. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014


"Know you can write, sculpt, paint, teach, plan, clean, create, care, watch, research and more in the midst of spaghetti flying, dogs barking, headaches, upset tummies, alluring people or activities, darling children, mates, good elders, friends, having no time to pick up the house, and facing big challenges"
                                                                                                                          - Clarissa Estes

Saturday, June 14, 2014

All I want for my birthday is a nap.

You know you are getting old when all you ask for, is a nap.....

 The morning of my 32nd birthday I dropped Amelia off at preschool and took Claire to my favorite French cafe for some pastries. Afterwards we attempted to visit my favorite paint store "Patina Home", but it was closed. My eyes felt as though they were full of gravel (a feeling I have become familiar with throughout this pregnancy) but I was determined to enjoy our "outing". At the library Claire played with puzzles and I leafed through decor magazines like a zombie.

All I really wanted was a nap.

Back at home, I managed to stay awake until my friend brought my daughter home from preschool. After lunch I explained to the girls that it was my birthday and that the best present they could give me was a nap Normally, when I try and lay down on the couch all hell breaks loose. Someone always needs their bum wiped, a snack, or gets hurt. Or the phone starts ringing off the hook. This time I had a plan. I unplugged the phone, I put Claire down for a nap, gave Amelia a snack and permission to play a computer game and then climbed into bed. Surprisingly, I slept for over an hour and a half without any interruptions. When I woke up, Amelia and Claire were playing quietly in their room. I woke up rested, refreshed and happy!

Nearly a full week later I decided I was ready to celebrate my birthday.The girls and I made a  Double Chocolate Treasure Cake topped with whipping creme and fresh berries. This cake never disappoints. It actually tastes the best two or three days later when the cream has soaked into the cake, but it rarely lasts that long.

Feast your eyes on this beauty!

Sunday, June 8, 2014


A couple weeks ago I attended a ladies retreat at a glorious place called Esperanza. It is located on the west coast of BC and is only accessible by boat or float plane. 

I grew up in a community twenty minutes away called Tahsis. Our family often visited Esperanza and I spent many a golden summer there being either a camper or a councilor.

This was my travelling companion. 

After a twenty minute boat ride I arrived in Esperanza and was greeted by these wonderful ladies. Everyone was given a little box stuffed with goodies. 

I found a salmon berry!

Our itinerary for the weekend.

The staff did an incredible job making everyone feel special and pampered. 

I spent a great deal of time napping, reading, walking and taking pictures. 

We were treated to massages as well as many other spa worthy treatments. 

And there were delightful snacks each afternoon. 

Times of worship, fellowship and crafting. Check out this felted fox. I "attempted" to make cupcake.  

My sweet friend Heidi