Saturday, June 14, 2014

All I want for my birthday is a nap.

You know you are getting old when all you ask for, is a nap.....

 The morning of my 32nd birthday I dropped Amelia off at preschool and took Claire to my favorite French cafe for some pastries. Afterwards we attempted to visit my favorite paint store "Patina Home", but it was closed. My eyes felt as though they were full of gravel (a feeling I have become familiar with throughout this pregnancy) but I was determined to enjoy our "outing". At the library Claire played with puzzles and I leafed through decor magazines like a zombie.

All I really wanted was a nap.

Back at home, I managed to stay awake until my friend brought my daughter home from preschool. After lunch I explained to the girls that it was my birthday and that the best present they could give me was a nap Normally, when I try and lay down on the couch all hell breaks loose. Someone always needs their bum wiped, a snack, or gets hurt. Or the phone starts ringing off the hook. This time I had a plan. I unplugged the phone, I put Claire down for a nap, gave Amelia a snack and permission to play a computer game and then climbed into bed. Surprisingly, I slept for over an hour and a half without any interruptions. When I woke up, Amelia and Claire were playing quietly in their room. I woke up rested, refreshed and happy!

Nearly a full week later I decided I was ready to celebrate my birthday.The girls and I made a  Double Chocolate Treasure Cake topped with whipping creme and fresh berries. This cake never disappoints. It actually tastes the best two or three days later when the cream has soaked into the cake, but it rarely lasts that long.

Feast your eyes on this beauty!

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Chris is a geek said...

Your cake looks scrumptious! Happy belated birthday!