Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh Swoon......

I was browsing this evening while waiting for my soup to cook and I came across this delightful little house. Oh *sigh* *sigh* *sigh* ... it makes me swoon. Can I move in tomorrow? I love the red stairs, the hydrangea bushes, the old style windows and the fact that the workshop is detached from the house. I loooove it!

We haven't met with a mortgage broker yet, but I have a rough idea of what we will be able to afford. Our dilemma at the moment is deciding whether to buy something brand new with good resale or something older with a bit of property. This particular home is closer to the downtown area but it has a huge yard with fruit trees.

On the other end of the spectrum are these new homes with beautiful floors and kitchens but pathetic yards.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dream camera

This is the camera I have had my sights on for some time now. I have always loved canon cameras but since my husband works for the RCMP it makes sense to get a Nikon since he could get it at a fantastic price through work. I've decided on the Nikon D90 with the 18 -200mm lense. As you know, my treasured canon power shot died when my husband accidentally took it with him into a lake while fly fishing. Our subsequent camera, a fujifilm, died after he took it snorkeling in Mexico. Gahhhhh! I am now left with an ancient point and shoot canon we bought when we were first married. Most days it won't turn on and when it does, it randomly deletes photos and scrambles others. *sigh*. Needless to say, project 365 has become quite the challenge. I have taken photos with so many different people's camera and I doubt I am ever going to be able to track them all down. Here is for hoping.....

Hope you have a great weekend.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Returning to blogland

At home I use the Internet on an hourly basis and I feel like I might go crazy if i can't use it for one reason or another. Interestingly, when I am on vacation I don't miss face book, my blog or anything remotely related to the Internet. In my small town the Internet is pretty much my only source of entertainment and connection to the outside world, but when I am surrounded by the people I love I can hardly be bothered to check my online accounts. I am thankful for that fact. I just got back from an epic week long trip to Mexico and I have a lot of catching up to do, but I would rather share a warm cup of tea with my momma and chat the hours away.

My 365 project has already taken a turn for the worse since my camera bit the dust a couple hours after arriving in Mexico *sigh* *arrrrrrg*! I did, however, borrow my dad's camera from time to time but it may take awhile to get all of those photos.

Here is a random snapshot of the view from our room in Mexico.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project 365

I heard about this photo challenge about a year ago, and I am excited to participate in it this year. Basically it requires you to take a photo a day for a year and then post your pictures to flicker or any other medium. I am going to try and post my pictures on my blog once a week. I like the idea of capturing everyday life and having pictorial documentation of entire year. I plan on developing and binding the photos at the end of 2011. Let's see if I can stick to this. Here are my photos from the first week of January:

January 1st (started packing for our trip to Mexico)

January 2nd (Welcome card and fresh eggs for the new family in town)

January 3rd ( I made french toast with fruit on the morning I forgot I was supposed to fast for my gestational diabetes test - I ate it anyway)

January 4th (a lovely snowfall)

January 5th (a picture with my newly hired doula) So excited to have support me in labour with baby #2.

January 6th (my bed with new bedcover and headboard)

January 7th (Making lots and lots of pillows - this one of my favorites)

Well that concludes week One I am going to be overseas until the end of January, so there will not be any photos until I return.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Baby girl :0)

I think it is really neat the way the Lord prepares our heart for changes. For the first couple months of this pregnancy, I thought that I was carrying a boy, but somewhere along the way, namely the past two months, I started to realize that perhaps I was carrying a girl. It started when I kept seeing the name "Claire" and for some reason, found that it resonated with my heart. I started almost wistfully hoping for another girl. I find this ironic, considering I always pictured myself as a mother of three rascally boys with frogs in their pockets. Since having my suspicions confirmed, via the envelope we opened on Christmas Eve, we have been getting more and more excited about our second daughter. I think Nathaniel has consigned to the fact that he is going to be outnumbered and that if he wants a hunting partner in the future, he is going to have to raise some outdoorsy daughters, who are forbidden from EVER watching Bambi.

The neat thing is that since this baby is literally due on Amelia's second birthday, all the clothing I have carefully organized in totes downstairs will fit "Claire" perfectly. I don't really need to buy anything other than a swing, and a stand for my bassinet. Easy peasy. Amelia is still sleeping in her crib and I have no desire to talk her into sleeping in a big girl bed just yet, but when our girls are older they will be able the share the bunk beds that my dad made my my sister and I. It makes my heart all warm and fuzzy to think of it. Oh geez.