Hi, my name is Jocelyn and I am a momma to three sprouts and wife to a wild man. I am an introvert but I can act like an extrovert for small periods of time. I love the smell of lilacs, coffee, my husband's deodorant (strange I know).  I have an incessant need to document. It's not just photography that I love, it's the ability to freeze moments in time and allow them to last forever. I use a system called "project life" to document our ordinary, yet wonderful life. I am a follower of Jesus.
I love change. I am impulsive, yet level headed. I am slightly obsessed with interior design. Shopping makes me happy, even it is just for groceries. I love theology and discussing  matters of faith. I am directionally challenged but can remember minute details of people's lives. I love running, biking, hiking, traveling the world, breathing new life into old furniture, supporting women in labor as a birth doula, and raising my sprouts.
 Here are my stories, my simple joys and my creative pursuits.


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