Thursday, March 14, 2013

A walk downtown

Lately I have been a complete and utter homebody.  Just getting out of bed has felt like monumental task and I am a "morning person".  Thankfully, the girls have been sleeping until 7:30 most mornings and I would stay in bed much longer if I didn't NEED to get up to make breakfast, get Amelia to preschool, attend home group, clean the house, shop, cook, clean,make Nathaniel's lunch, tidy, scrub, entertain friends, take Claire to strong start, work out EVERY DAY, take Chester for a walk, and look like a normal being instead of the zombie that I feel like. By the time 6pm rolls around I am ready to collapse. A couple of days ago the rain stopped for a couple hours and I dragged my carcass, and those of my whiny children OUT OF THE HOUSE. I am so glad that I did beacause we had an awesome time gallavanting through some lovely gardens downtown.


Both of my girls insist on sniffing every.single. flower. I just love it when Cklair ruches up her nose and makes her "sniffling sound".
Melts. My . Heart.

We sat on  a park bench and shared a juicy mango.
Pure enjoyment

Later that evening, when Amelia was arranging her boqet of flowers into a vase she said "mommy these flowers are sharing so nicely".
It's those sweet moments that make life SO AWESOME!

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