Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My garden

Standing in front of what will be my shade garden in the near future. Forgive the blurry shot. My husband didn't want to come outside in his underwear and this was the only picture he took. I think I need to invest in a tripod.

I recently planted a few hellebore plants. I have loved this plant for a LONG time and I am excited that I finally have a few in my garden

There are so many varieties, but I figured I would see how these two plants fare before I purchase any more. 

There is something so exciting and refreshing about new life. I just planted some root balls from my dad two weeks ago and I am pretty sure this hosta poking through the soil. Whi hoo!

They come in so many shades and produce the most delicate flowers. 

As much as I loved my vegetable gardens in the Chilcotin I am excited about growing flowers. I purchased some seeds at a nursery last week and I am going to try and grow foxgloves, lupins, passion flower, delphinium, and hollyhocks. 

We have been digging up snow drops from abandoned lots.....

...and Amelia has been helping me plant a few primroses she bought with her allowance.

I'm so excited for SPRING!!!!!

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