Saturday, February 12, 2011

A sweet sucess!

My little cupcake party was a sweet success! I took some pictures of the decor during the afternoon when there was more natural light. I borrowed the flag I made for my daughters room and strung it across the dining room for some festivity. I also borrowed her chalkboard to make a little sign. The cards on the bookshelf are a few of the many I made for my "card of the month club". I have to get those in the mail today!

Here my piles of cupcakes. I made Devil's food cake (from scratch), Vanilla (from a box) and Red Velvet(from scratch). They all turned out splendidly. Since I made them a day in advance of the party, I froze them and then took them out to thaw an hour before my guests arrived.

The next day, when Amelia went down for her nap, I took out a couple cupcakes and decorated a few as examples. I was rather pleased with the results since it was my first time experimenting with different icing tips.

Here are a couple close ups....

Devil's food cake with chocolate icing

Devil's food cake with pink and yellow coconut butter cream icing

Red Velvet with cream cheese icing and colored sugar sprinkled on top.

Vanilla cake with butter cream icing, colored sugar and a handmade candy rose.

Devils' Food cake with cream cheese frosting and a chuck of Hersey's chocolate

Vanilla Cake with coconut butter cream frosting and coconut flakes

Devil's food cake with cream cheese frosting and a jelly heart

Devil's Foodcake with buttercream frosting and jelly bellies

That evening after I had put Amelia to bed, I set out the sample cupcakes and bowls filled to the brim with candy and other toppings.

And put name cards out for the cupcakes...

A little while later.....

Unfortunatly, my camera kept deleting my photos as I took them, but I did manage to salvage a few photos of my guests and their creations. This adorable little bumblebee was made by the girl on the far right of this photo.She is the one that has been running the boot camp at the school gymnasium two night a week.

Bridgette's creations

Carrie's creations (my camera kept deleting picture of her) Dahhh

And Holly, my newest friend....

I was amazed that my daughter was able to fall asleep dispite all the ruckus we were making (laughing and telling loud stories). This was my plate of goodies by the end of the evening.


Caroline said...

I showed Justin these pictures and said, "Don't those cupcakes look good?" and his response was, "they look more than good!"

Sachiko said...

Those cupcakes looks so yummy! Thank you for your nice commnet on my blog, I appriciate it!

Rachel said...

oh man, i just want to eat all of them. they look so pretty joc, what a great idea, to have a cupcake party. I made some cupcakes not too long ago and ate too many of them, lol.