Monday, October 21, 2013

Interview: Anisa

Tea or Coffee
Coffee. Never cream, always milk with xylitol.
I collect
It has changed over the years. I used to collect calligraphy pens but now I like to buy a little dolls from each city I have visit. I recently picked up a beautiful Navajo angel from Arizona. I also enjoy collecting perfume and testers.
Favorite City
It is a toss up between Sapporo in Northern Japan and Vancouver. I loved Sapporo because the city is arranged in a grid . You can't get lost! I love Vancouver  because it satisfies any mood. In one day, you can visit the ocean as well as the mountains.
Spring or Fall?
Fall. It is all about the boots! My favorite pair are cowgirl boots from the Calgary Stampede.
Bloom of Choice
Orange Blossoms because they remind me of my mom and plumeria flowers because they remind me of my childhood in the South Pacific.
Style Icon
Angelina Jolie's red carpet jewelry. I would describe it as Egyptian goodness /art deco.
Right now I am.....
Amazed at my children's sense of comedy an how they imitate the people around them.
Longing For...
The  new Jimmy Choo perfume. It is scented with strawberry, pink pepper and heliotrope.
Most Prized Possession
The Australian pearl necklace my parents gave me for my 30th birthday.
My Design Aesthetic
Modern Vintage with a touch of original art. We personally know the artist of every painting or print in our home.
Passionate About
Being a great mom and enfolding my own stories and myths.


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