Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Interview: Charity

Tea or coffee
Licorice tea has always been my favorite
I collect
Primarily doorknobs and reclaimed canvas.
 Favorite City
Worms, Germany. You can walk everywhere and experience a mix of ancient cultures in a small space. From the roman built wall that wraps around the old city to the 1100 year-old Jewish graveyard still in use.
 Spring or Fall
Fall. I love Halloween. When it is not raining I love walks in the crisp weather, I love layering accessories (scarves, hats, gloves). I love pumpkins and squash. And when it does rain I love to read and write and drink hot tea. 
 Bloom of choice
I like the light scent of carnations and all the crazy colors you can make them.
Style icon
Yeah right. 
I like natural fibers and comfortable clothing. My favorite colors are orange and green
Right now I am...
I am 22 weeks pregnant
Longing for...
Not being pregnant and some personal space.
Most prized possession
Other than my daughter.... my writing. Thanks to the Internet I don't have to worry about my computer breaking down. I can store my manuscripts on the Internet.
My Design Aesthetic
Broad, bright and brilliant. All my paintings are positive.
Passionate About
Artistic expression.


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