Friday, August 2, 2013

Running on the North Island

Last weekend we were in Port Hardy for a wedding. Initially I was apprehensive about the finding time to fit in my long training run, but Nathaniel assured me that he would get up with the girls and helped me plot out a route. We drove 13 km and then I hoped out of the car and tied a ribbon around a shrub on the side of the road.
 I know that some people hate "out and backs" but I REALLY like them. When I hit that halfway point I experience a tremendous sense of relief. Plus, I like running a negative split ( which essentially means that you have a faster time in the second half then you did in the first). 
Afterwards we indulged in a little ice cream with the girls and a walk on the pier.
The next morning I left the house at 7:00am on the dot after a quarter cup of coffee, and a bowl of yogurt. I was armed with fuel belt full of water and electrolytes as well as my favorite cliff bar. The air was cool and the streets were quiet. I found a happy pace quickly and spent the next two hours and  forty min basking in early morning rays of light and the sound of the forest waking up. It was thoroughly enjoyable. At one point I stopped for a pee in the sahlal bushes and managed to misplace one of my water bottles. It took me about three minutes to fish it out of the thicket, which effected my overall time, but I still managed to have a negative split of almost ten minutes. More than anything, I my body felt great afterwards and I had loads of energy for the wedding festivities that afternoon.
As usual, there isn't any photographic evidence that I actually attended the wedding but I rocked a beautiful black and white striped dress with killer high heels. We danced, ate heaps of smoked salmon, and went to bed at a decent hour.

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