Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spring is in the air

Today my husband announced that spring was in the air. Translation: lots of rain and muck and all things new and glorious. I am so thankful that it is now possible to buy fun adult sized gumboots. I recently purchased a conservative pair in shades of grey and black but I have my eyes on a rainbow pair as well.

On the theme of shopping: I have forbidden myself from buying more clothing, as I seem to grow out of whatever I purchase within a matter of weeks. I have started to borrow/steal my husbands clothing which are still nice and roomy. In the meantime I will continue to salivate over delicious pieces like the beautiful piece in the above photo.

This picture reminds me of my friend Heidi for some reason. I tried to send her the link for it, but being technologically delayed that I am, could not figure how to do it. I'm sure that she will stumble across it in my blog at some point. So why does it remind me of her.... I think its because it reminds of Peice of art she once fell in love with while we are vacationing with our husbands in Hawaii.

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