Sunday, May 13, 2012


I think that I must have at least a dozen half written posts in my "draft" folder, which for one reason or another, rarely get published on this blog. I will get an idea and start writing, but then get distracted and then when I finally have a chance to return to my post, the moment of inspiration has past. It is 11:30 at night right now and I should be sleeping, but I was lying in bed wide awake so I decided to log in and ramble for a little while. The house is quiet, tidy and it will remain that way for another 6.5 hours. Then, the chaos of another day will begin.

 At the moment things are going pretty smoothly in the Lord household. I feel like we have a good routine going at the moment. I am on day 12 of my 30 day shred. I am feeling strong, energized and confident that I am going to get some definition somewhere on my body. My weight is up a bit, but I keep telling myself it is due to my new "muscles". Oh the stories I tell myself...... Anyways, yes.... Claire is sleeping much better during the day as well as the night and Amelia is thoroughly enjoying spending a large part of the day outdoors. I have been purging, emptying closets and filling garbage bags full of things I no longer want to deal with, trip over or see again in my life. Ah! It feels so good to get rid of stuff. It is so freeing. Years ago when Nathaniel and I had put our previous home on the market, we had put a good deal of stuff into storage, at our realtor's request, and I was amazed how much easier it was to keep our home clean. I think I have become much more ruthless with my stuff now that I have SO much of my girl's stuff to contend with. I have come to the point where, if something doesn't have a place (like some random McDonald's toy, or a magazine that I won't read again) and I don't want to find a place for it, that it is banished from my home.

Well, it is 11:43 now and I really should get my sore body to bed. I am taking the girl's to strong start tomorrow and I don't want to be a zombie.

Playing dress up with Amelia earlier today

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Caroline said...

i like the dress up picture :0)
Glad to hear Claire is sleeping better and life is going good.