Thursday, March 13, 2014


I love the "currently" posts I see around blog land, so I thought I would fill one out.

Reading...  "The Jesus I never Knew" by Philip Yancy and a new magazine called Click.
Playing... with rad lab (an amazing editing program with cool filters).
Trying... to find the energy to exercise and purge my closets.
Cooking... Lots of chicken vegetable soup (broccoli, kale, carrots).
Eating... Dark chocolate with almonds.
Drinking... Water and mason jars of piping hot tea spiked with coffee.
Calling... (not a fan of the phone)
Texting... furniture clients
Pinning.. ideas for my daughters upcoming birthdays.
Tweeting... (I've never tweeted before).
Instagraming.. I should figure out how to do this....
Crafting...  I have plans to add some black lace to my new lamps shades.
Scrapping... Project LIFE
Doing...  editing photos and planning my next blog post
Going... (thinking about going to Victoria this weekend to visit my brother and sister in-law)
Loving... the fact that Amelia finally figured out how to ride her bicycle.
Hating... the size of my boobs.
Discovering... new life bursting out of the earth.
Enjoying... the sunshine pouring in through the window
Thinking... about what a volatile pregnant woman I have become.
Feeling... overly emotional, discouraged, sensitive and TIRED!
Hoping... that I start feeling more normal and energetic.
Listening... to my eldest daughter watch Wild Kratts (her favorite show)
Celebrating... Amelia's birthday soon (she is turning five on the 18th)
Smelling... the chicken soup that my husband is eating for lunch
Thanking... all my amazing girlfriends for their support, encouragement, empathy and friendship.
Considering... getting a hair cut.
Finishing... being a doula... at least until my third child is about nine months old.
Starting... to spring clean.

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I love your honesty and love for life. Take it easy and don't be hard on yourself for the lack of energy hon. Each pregnancy is different and so each child born is different. God is in control. If you are tired rest It"s not lazy, its nurturing, but boy the cleaning you are doing sounds like getting ready for a new lil one. Love and prayers for you!