Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas Decor 2014

A friend recently posted some lovely photos of her Christmas décor on her blog and it inspired me to do the same. Our tree has long since been taken down and nearly all of my decorations have been carefully packed away for another year. I am always a little sad when my tree gets crunchy and smelly as I love its presence in our home. *Sigh* Each year I try and decorate our home a little differently and I enjoy looking back at the changes over the years. The Christmas season is always so beautiful and fleeting and I love every minute of it.
This year the burlap ribbon and popcorn strings were a new addition to our Christmas Tree.

I picked up this little felt mistletoe from Target.

I strung our Christmas cards on twine strings in our hallway. They continue to bring me joy!

The girls and I made the swags from evergreens in our yard and my momma bought this tablecloth fro me from Ikea! We wrapped our gifts with a combination of leftover Christmas paper and brown paper with twine and ribbons.

Levi enjoyed sucking on our Christmas presents. He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth these days.

This lovely little writing desk with its newly upholstered seat cushion was my favorite place to perch during the Christmas season.  I spent many evenings writing Christmas cards and working on my December daily album here.

My girls  made all the lovely  snowflakes in our living room window.


Our master bedroom  was  decorated with a couple evergreen garlands, some sparkly snowflakes and a vase of fresh flowers.


The girls room was a frenzy of candy colors as usual.
They loved decorating their tree with all the ornaments we made at home as well as at school.
 The only room I neglected to decorate was my craft room. This year I wrapped the handrail on our staircase with a fresh handmade evergreen garland.. I was a huge mistake and not one I will repeat. There was dried cedar and sequoia EVERYWHERE! I couldn't stop our girls loved picking chunks off every time they went up and down the stairs. Silly girls! Nevertheless, our house smelt glorious! 


Mrs. R said...

Looks so beautiful as always! Love the tablecloth!

Caroline said...

I love your pictures, especially the one of Amelia and Levi on the bed.