Thursday, March 3, 2016

This life

Oh this life, this beautiful life. It is filled to the brim with the mundane as well as the extraordinary.
Today I was standing at our window with Levi, watching the city trucks collect our recycling, and found myself serenaded by the sweet movement of his body as he inhaled and exhaled with excitement. It was probably the only moment in the entire day where I found myself truly "in the moment" and reveling in its richness. I found myself marveling at the roundness of his cheeks, the way his hands clutched my shirt, the softness of his skin, and the shape of this little lips. Finding myself thinking "this is what makes life meaningful", "this is why I had this sweet boy in the first place". Seconds later, life came crashing in again, like an expected wave that still catches you off guard. A scraped knee, a wailing child, a lost toy, a hungry belly, an overturned dish, a phone call. All too quickly I found myself swept back into the frenzied, distracted pace that pre-occupies much of my day.


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