Monday, July 31, 2017

Currently: July

on what an incredible summer we have had so far and that we still have a whole month left!!!

forward to going camping at Upper Campbell Lake.
It was one of my favorite places to camp as a child and I look forward to building more memories there with my children.  

for more quiet and peace in our household.. sometimes I feel like I am raising wild animals instead of children.

far too relaxed.... the state of my house can attest to that fact

sleeping in, eating fruit for dinner and going swimming at various water holes everyday around 4:00pm

 a navy blue swimsuit dress, a fedora from value village, black feather earring, and  a pair of gladiator sandals.

Way too many cherries

for the motivation to go to get up earlier so I can have some much needed "quiet time".

to some old CD's in my car (Bethany Dillion, Leland, and Nicole Nordman)

I could get to the kiddos to bed earlier. It is ridiculous how late their bedtime has gotten.

on the last section of our yard. We have hauled two trucks loads of dirt but have to wait until mid August to get sod.

about my hubby as it is his birthday today and he is in the interior doing relief work.

lots of blueberries. Yesterday we picked over 50lbs at a "U Pick" farm.

not to waste what little of the evening I have surfing the internet. I  would rather sit on my deck under my patio lights with a book  or play dress up in my closet.

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Caroline said...

Great to hear from you Jocelyn! I too waste the evening surfing the internet, when sitting in our gazebo (aka car port), knitting or reading would be way more rewarding.