Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ants and other problems...

Perhaps it is a bit strange to blog about the ant infestation in my house, but it is driving me crazy. The thing that gets me, is not the fact that there are insects crawling around collecting Amelia's discarded food, but the fact that I feel AWFUL about killing, maiming or poisoning them. I know, I am ridiculous. If I accidentally wound one while I am sweeping the house I feel terrible. I don't feel a particular affinity for ants, I just don;t like killing creatures unnecessarily if there is another, friendlier option. I have been known to carefully remove spiders from my home with a cup and a piece of paper, and hide moths from my husband so that he doesn't kill them.You must think I am insane.

That said, I really should be a vegetarian. The more I read about how chickens and and other frequently eaten animals are raised, I am horrified. If you don't know where your meat comes from, I strongly encourage you to do a little research. Interestingly, I have no problem eating the animals that my husband skillfully hunts.
The reason: I feel that they have lived good lives and have been killed respectfully(if such a thing is possible). When my husband shoots an animal with his bow, he aims to kill, and does so in a manner that ends the animals life instantaneously.
Many of the meat products we purchase in our grocery stores are the result of a great deal of suffering, and cramped miserable conditions. That is not to mention the fact that they have been shot full of hormones and force fed. Not cool.

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Rachel said...

poor animals...ya i feel bad for them too. they should go about things differently. you should start a petition.