Sunday, February 14, 2010

Reasons I'm loving my new home....

Live blue grass music. mandolin players. bright blue skies. turquoise water. bright starry uninterrupted skies. a bowl full of raspberries from someones garden. a yummy burger and fries at Lee's Corner. hitching posts outside. wrangler jeans. belt buckles and cowboy hats galore. delicious lasagna. good company. a forest view from my window, snowflakes, sunlight.... and so many other things.... so thankful



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Heidi Marie said...

You have moved!? Thank you for your sweet comment on our blog, I too often read what you are doing. I have loved watching your family grow and Amelia is such a sweetheart (from what I have seen). Much love to you! Oh and the pictures you have posted are so inspiring, one gave me the idea to start knitting baby booties for friends.