Friday, April 9, 2010

Everything White

Have I ever mentioned how much I love painting old furniture? Yesterday I tackled a couple old, mismatched pieces with a roller and a bucket of white paint. I decided on white because it is most versatile. I would love to use turquoise and red but I would end up having to repaint them a couple months later when I moved them into a different room. I move my furniture around a lot and red chairs would not looks so hot in my kitchen. Nevertheless, I still don't know how I feel about stark white - it looks so pretty in people's homes but I don;t know if it suits me. I am painting my brother's castoff desk, some filing cabinets, Nathaniel's old toy chest, an old childhood chair and a side table my parents picked up ages ago.

My messy craft room and amelia enjoying putting screws in her mouth (DAH!)

With all the white that has been going on around here (ie. in my hair, on my clothes and all over my skin) I had to laugh when I woke up to three inches of fresh snow.

When it melted Nathaniel and I went for a drive and saw all sorts of marvelous things.....

1) Mountain blue birds flitting from post to post

2) A turquoise river edged with ice

3) A very large bull staring me down

4) Cacti stuck to the cuffs of my jeans

5) Wolf tracks

Unfortunately the batteries in my camera died so i was not able to take any photos. Thankfully, due to the glorious nature of google images, I was able to share this stunning shot with you. Such an incredibly beautiful bird.

Have a fantastic day :0)

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The Stiffs said...

The comforting thing about white furniture is that it works in every room, it's so clean and beautiful, and you can put LOTS of colourful stuff on it!!
I'm painting a buffet white, but it's going to have hits of turquoise on the edges, thanks to a little painting technique....