Friday, April 23, 2010

Feeling like "me"again :0)

I haven't updated this blog in a really loooong time and for that I apologize. I have been fairly preoccupied with the following things.....

1) finally framing some prints from our trip around the world...

2) Putting my collection of shells and other ocean finds into large glass jars.

3) Hanging curtain rods and curtains and helping my hubby assemble our newest purchase (a lovely dark IKEA desk. Prior to purchasing this desk we were using two filing cabinets topped by a slab of wood as a desk.

4) Spray painting a mirror frame. I plant to transform it from a dated gungy gold to a modern high gloss black.

5)Cleaning up the chicken coop and weeding rocks out of our gardens. Amelia is particularly good at taking the rocks out of my wheelbarrow and throwing them back into the garden (silly, adorable girl)

6) Spending one fabulous evening and day with some long lost girlfriends in the big city of Vancouver. What a delightful time we had... swimming, soaking, chatting, munching on yummy things, walking, shopping, trying on make-up, sampling wine, gorging ourselves on a chocolate buffet, dressing up, giggling in our beds, applying nail polish and mud masks... being silly and serious, going to bed late, sleeping in and exploring Granville Island.

We hadn't seen each other in many years and yet we all chatted away like we had never been apart.It was refreshing and fun to catch up on their lives and fun to just be all together again. I think that we should make it an annual event.

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