Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chilco Ranch

The other day we visited Chilco Ranch, which belongs to a new friend of Nathaniel's. It covers over a million and a half acres.Being able to visit ranches is still a bit of a novelty for me. Where I grew up the only thing I was accustomed to seeing was fish farms on . I love seeing all the farming equipment, watching the hay bales formed, seeing the cows grazing, peeking up into the hay loft..........

I find barns particularly intriguing. I think it may have something to do with all those years of watching the Road to Avonlea as a child. I also love the shape of barns and hope that one day Nathaniel and I can build a barn style home.

I still get tremendously excited when I see cowboys herding wayward cattle along the highways. There is going to be a rodeo this summer in Williams Lake and I am super excited to go. I'm looking forward to seeing the cowboys ride the bucking broncos.

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Caroline said...

Beautiful pictures Jocelyn! Glad you are enjoying farm life up there!